Sunday, 7 December 2014

Former Olympic changes sex and becomes a woman

Is a sensation in the United States but not only, the news of the sex change of Bruce Jenner.
The former decathlete, gold in Montreal in 1976, at age 65, after three wives and six children, has indeed become a woman.
Bruce, after the many recent rumors, did resume the operation carried out by the cameras in Thailand with a view to the next episode of a reality show.
The last photo stolen by paparazzi shows him with a bandage around the Adam's apple and long red nail polish.

Rosenfeld denied agreement between Wanda and Maxi Lopez: 'For her and for many women, the collection of alimony is a childbirth'

Faced with rumors emerged in the last hours of an alleged economic arrangement between the parties, contacted the attorney who handled the model to clarify the true situation. He noted: "In the four months to be food, just paid 2".
- Were said to have reached an agreement regarding the division of property as well as that Maxi had canceled debt foods.
It is not true. The alimony is not regularized because 4 months owed ​​just paid a little less than two months. Regarding the economic part of the conjugal partnership, we are still happily litigating to reach an agreement, but has not been resuleto anything yet. As all assets are in the name of Wanda and Mr. Maxi Lopez claims that he has no money, it is she who is keeping the properties because otherwise, debts and foreclosures fall on her.
- Says Maxi claims to have no money but it is public knowledge that his contract in Italian football is very good ...
What happens is that the judge has the cause is taking all the time in the world. From day one the alimony I submitted the complaint, was missed four months have passed and no definitions. Judge Carlos Ruiz's the worst that can happen to Argentina Justice in cases of family. He comes from a very macho way.
- In what sense?
Because he knows that Wanda has the support of Mauro and therefore can afford the child support. But you have to be run for a minute of this specific case and think about all the women who go through this and do not have the financial backing of a couple. The issue of alimony, for many women, remains a live birth and tremendous uncertainty.

Rocío Oliva marries confirmed that Maradona and spoke of her "pregnancy"

After the twists and turns, which included allegations of physical violence, with former football player, the blonde broke the silence and spoke of everything.
"Yes, there is some truth in that rumor marriage. Designer for dress and I have. We're still seeing where I do not think that the wedding takes place here. Since we had talked a long time. We took the first step by committing and now comes the second "confessed Rocío Oliva in" El diario de Mariana ".
With respect to pregnancy, he added: "I can not talk about Diego that I will talk about that he said.".
On the relationship with former partner, Veronica Ojeda, explained. "I will not talk about it sometimes is a bit difficult to have a relationship well when Diego will get a message not with things the baby but with criticism towards me. It was he who asked me to hang ".

"I wanted to be the first Miss Bumbum virgin"

 Indianara Carvalho, Miss Bumbum 2014, is again virgin. As you read it. And is that before posing nude for the magazine Sexy, one of the privileges of the contest winner, underwent a vaginal rejuvenation surgery.
She explained what the Ego portal. "I wanted it to do surgery to reconstruct my virginity (Hymenoplasty) before the session. I want to pose naked as I came into the world, I want to raise a different concept to what has already been seen, Miss Bumbum virgin" he said.
Carvalho also said it plans to not have sex for a while, and he wants to "remain a virgin" and enjoy the moment is going after winning the contest with controversy, overtaking favorite Claudia Alende the most votes before the final a jury decided.
But there is no turning back and Miss Bumbum is willing to end the tradition of previous years that ranked second was more famous than the former. It has already posed nude in the Dominican Republic and the report will be published in January.
Meanwhile, have already leaked some pictures of the racks in Punta Cana which you can see below ...

"Dwight Howard is a human tripod" said a pornstar

"Dwight Howard would be the best athlete to do porn. It is a human tripod. " Says Mary Carey, porn actress and member of the 'Hall of Fame' pornographic film. Come on, a whole understood in the art that claims to have been impressed by the enormous size of penis Houston Rockets player.
Mary, who had an affair with another NBA, Jason Smith, who he said "very good kisser", made his comments to TMZ. The porn actress had a brief relationship with Howard five years of saying keep good memories made.
"He's a great guy. For a month we talked on the phone and always tried to leave the porn giving me to read Bible verses. I was going to visit him at his house when I was in Orlando, but went to a friend's house, Chris Kirkpatrick. Dwight started calling many times and got a message that was in front of the house, so I left to come in, "he explains.
And then came the bomb that left speechless protagonist of over one hundred films X. "I told him I had to go, he was sorry, but that was not the time or place. Suddenly dropped his pants and I was like 'whoa'. I ran and I started screaming. "

A Ronaldinho will get an imitator of his 'piscinazo'

Ronaldinho revolutionized the networks a while ago with a photograph that appeared with five girls ass in pomp in a pool. That image, which was a joke to a friend for which he received much criticism has wanted to emulate a player much more modest than the architect of the resurrection of the club.
This is the Peruvian Diego Chavarri, who plays for San Simon of the first Peruvian division, who was photographed, also in a pool, with girls showing their 'bumbum' to the camera. The difference is that if Ronnie was five women in Diego are just two ...
But it's not important. The image Chávarri is also going around the world and not for adding 'I'. "Ronaldinho ... there we go!" Wrote the midfielder in a nod to one of the greatest of all time. On and off the field ....