Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Matri's girlfriend: unusual promise for the Pichichi

 Alessandro Matri has started the season with a very good start. Your Genoa is booming in Serie A, where he shares third place with Benitez Naples, Paolo Conte him again opened the doors of the Italian team in the match against Albania.
Personally, continues its spectacular partner, model and presenter Federica Nargi, who just deny one rumored pregnancy and has made ​​a very special promise if Matri, who has six goals, three fewer than Tevez, just the championship as' cappocannonieri '.
No, no, evil-minded. Do not make a stiptease or no sexual content. Beauty is committed before the cameras of Mediaset Italia, neither more nor less than to turn to 'Tiki Taka' program and prepare an Amatriciana sauce for presenters and tertulianos.

Rali: Bulgarian pump vibrates with Roger Federer

 Rali Ivanova is the feeling of the moment in American magazines and catwalks. This Bulgarian model, installed in Tampa (Florida) raises passions and has no place in our system for their love of tennis and, above all, for his devotion to Roger Federer, his favorite player.
"No I never miss a game the US OPEN and have also closely followed the Davia Cup, wishing Roger Federer's victory," said this beauty, one of the ambassadors of signing Azzelia Swimwear bikinis.
Before making the Americas, Rali was a prophet in his own land. Home repeatedly Maxim magazine was also voted the sexiest Bulgarian woman. Today, just signed contract with Allure and soon will see them on billboards in Las Vegas.

Follow the scandal: Oliva returned to the country and contacted Diego Ojeda

Rocío traveled to Dubai to meet his great love and everything went swimmingly until boarded the plane to return to Buenos Aires. In this way, the "Ten" tracked down the mother of his young son and the controversy was installed again. What do you want Maradona?
After his time in prison, legal issues and other issues, the athlete came to the UAE to be with her man, who seemed to be all more than fine.
As reported in Marina Calabró "Infama" during this weekend something had happened between the couple, so that the star took to contact Veronica.

The wife of James: the ugly duckling becomes swan

When they presented her husband, James Rodriguez, as new player of Real Madrid, Daniela Ospina received cruel criticism on social networks. "Fea, transvestite, Manolo ..." were some of the niceties that he spent his detractors and she responded with a "sorry if I do not meet your expectations, my priority is to meet mine."
A few months later, the 'ugly duckling' has become swan ... after going under the knife. And according to reports LOC, Daniela has undergone cosmetic surgery. A rhinoplasty has given him a new nose with "thin and highest point and reduced osteocartilaginous back", as confirmed by Dr. Federico Mayo.
But there are further explains the average quoted. The woman appears James Blond, thinner and more sophisticated styles. Two months training with the Madrid beach volleyball ago and has lost weight.
All these developments have not gone unnoticed in Colombia and his followers on Instagram that were first appreciated.

Lim's daughter falls to the Valencian supporters

The fans of Valencia is in love with the daughter of the new club owner Peter Lim. Kim, it's called this young man of twenty years usually accompanies your photos on Instagram with a "Amunt València" that the club's supporters celebrated with enthusiasm bat.
A millionaire's daughter Singapore (Forbes, his fortune amounted to 1.84 billion euros) and is known as the 'faller' of Valencia. To mark the Valencia-Barcelona this weekend, Kim traveled to the city of Turia and since then, has flooded his Instagram account with images of his visit to the stadium for the game and the city.
"Although we did not win, our players played very well. Let encouraging and supporting them. Do not worry, slowly arrive. Next time it will be better, "he wrote.
Kim leads a lifestyle own daughter of billionaire although in a recent interview with the online magazine 'The life' said his father makes him keep his feet on the ground.
Considered as one of the 'it girl' Asian of the moment, not to travel and to proclaim his passion for food, as most Singaporeans, which has led him to baptize some of their dogs as 'Basil' ( basil), 'Onion' (onion) and 'Cookie' (cookie).
Kim was educated at Queenswood boarding school in Hertfordshire (UK), where he arrived at twelve. It is about to finish the race of Marketing and Business Administration and is passionate about fashion.
In fact, organizes charity events and has thought that "maybe the players could do a fashion show to raise funds."
Kim left Valencia Tuesday ensuring that again soon. The waiting "on January 4 for the match against Madrid and in March ... for faults".