Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Yolanthe: mother are my main dream

Yolanthe dreamed of as a little girl not a grand wedding or an international career, but knew that she ever wanted to be a mother. The now 29-year-old actress and presenter sees still as its' main dream, "she says in an interview with RTL Boulevard.
The wife of footballer Wesley Sneijder hurry to say that she has not yet started on the chapter children. According to her manager Xenia Kasper is the agenda of the actress too full for that. But the jitters come slowly. ,, I'll start to think more and more: it would be cool. "

Marika Fruscio, the other front of Naples

 No doubt that the fans of Naples is one of the most passionate in the world, but certainly also the one with the largest number of models willing to teach all or most of the club he loves.
Three of the most famous 'tifosas' Neapolitan team have agreed to star, separately, a calendar for 2014. As you can see a progression of Raffaella Fico , Balotelli's ex-girlfriend, and also that of Anna Fusco , entitled the 'angel azzurro'; now it's time to present the the spectacular Marika Fruscio.
Habitual in sports gatherings of Italian television, where he has confessed his weakness for Higuain , the Frusco is also known as the other front of Naples for reasons that are obvious ...
The renowned photographer Oliviero Bruno, as he explains, wanted to present it as the prototype for modern, sensual and capable woman in a calendar that has been titled 'il cielo in a stanza' (heaven in a room).

Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez accused of texting former Miss Chile Camila Andrade behind girlfriend Laia Grassi's back

It’s turning out to be a few days to forget for Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez.
After failing to help his side beat Manchester United in their Premier League encounter on Saturday, the forward has now been accused of texting a former Miss Chile behind his girlfriend’s back.
Ahead of the Gunners’ crucial Champions League tie at home to Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday, Camila Andrade claims the 25-year-old’s messages include holiday snaps and invitations to dine with him.
Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez has been accused of texting a former Miss Chile behind his girlfriend's back 
Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez has been accused of texting a former Miss Chile behind his girlfriend's back

Former Miss Chile Camila Andrade has accused Sanchez of texting her despite going out with Laia GrassiAlexis Sanchez enjoying his holiday at the beach in Mexico with his Spanish girlfriend Laia Grassi
Andrade has explained how she turned down the £30million signing when he invited her out to dinner during Chile’s World Cup preparation this summer before he was pictured on a romantic beach holiday in Mexico with his current girlfriend Laia Grassi.
MailOnline has been unable to verify whether Miss Andrade can support her claims and attempts to contact Sanchez for comment have failed to elicit a response.
In reports which have made headlines across the media in Chile, Miss Andrade, 23, told an interviewer in her home country how he asked her out earlier this year.
She said: ‘Alexis invited me out for a meal while he was back in Chile preparing for the World Cup.
‘I was between boyfriends at the time and it was the first time that he’d asked if we could meet up. 
Andrade  claims she turned down the £30million Arsenal forward when he invited her out to dinner during his World Cup preparation weeks before he was pictured on a romantic beach holiday in Mexico with Grassi
‘I turned him down because he wasn’t my type and I knew that many of the times he’d messaged me he was with his girlfriend and I liked that even less.
‘When he was in Disneyland Paris with Laia in February he sent me a picture of himself on his own.
‘I knew he was with her because I’d seen pictures in the paper and I really couldn’t stop laughing.
‘I messaged him to say: “How nice, you’re with your girlfriend, I’ve love to be where you are with my boyfriend” and he replied: “No I’m with my little nephew or young cousin or some young relative”, I can’t remember exactly.
‘He never said he was with his girlfriend and the following day there was a big picture in the paper of the two of them. It was very strange.
‘All these starstruck young girls need to see all these footballers are the same and are not to be believed.’
Miss Andrade said 'starstruck  girls need to see all these footballers are the same and not to be believed' 
It’s not the first time Sanchez has made headlines off the pitch.
Spanish art director and designer Laia stuck by the Premier League marksman, who has scored six goals in his last four games, when an old squeeze claimed she was pregnant with the football star’s child.
The day after Barcelona-based Mary Plaza, 28, made her pregnancy claim in April Laia posted a picture of her and Alexis on her Instagram page with the message: ‘Amor Verdadero’ - Spanish for ‘True Love.’
Another ex, Brazilian model Michelle Carvalho, claimed last year the blue-eyed Spanish blonde, who posed in an Arsenal shirt on her Instagram page after Alexis joined the Gunners in July, was fooling herself if she thought she was the love of his life.
She said: ‘I don’t think it’s anything stable, I think it’s a passing thing. He only wants a good time.’
Andrade also claims Sanchez (right) sent her photos claiming he was with a younger relative and not Grassi

Miss Andrade, who narrowly missed out on the Miss World finals after being chosen as her nation’s most beautiful woman in July last year, said the footballer sent her a WhatsApp message out of the blue just after she won Miss Chile.
She revealed: ‘I was with an ex-boyfriend when he sent his first message.
‘I’d never met him in my life so when he said he was Alexis Sanchez, I replied saying: “No, you’re lying, you know what, Ciao.”
‘He responded by phoning me straight away. I didn’t answer him. I rejected the call.
‘Why am I going to answer him if I don’t know him? And then he sent me a message saying I phoned you so you’d know it was me.’

She added: ‘I’ve no idea how he got my number but he did what a lot of footballers like him do which is to speak to girls via WhatsApp.
‘I don’t want to go into so much detail, but I have to say he seemed very kind and very funny.
‘It makes me laugh how all the young girls speak to him. I could never ever have taken seriously some of the things he said to me.
‘We never had regular conversations but I stopped answering him about two months ago after I turned down his meal invite.
‘I found it tasteless he’d ask me out while he was with someone else so I gave him the red card. 

‘When someone doesn’t answer you, I think the other person normally gets it and understands that you don’t want to speak with them.
‘Nothing happened between Alexis and me and I’m doing nothing wrong by revealing how he’s been messaging me.
‘But if I had said “yes” that time he phoned me and invited me out for a meal, I can assure you nobody would have found out.’
Sanchez has not yet responded to a request for comment according to mailonline

This time 'hand of God' is stretched more than ever

 Vuelve "hand of God" of Diego Armando Maradona. This time the 'coup banned' from 'Fluff' is not a ball but intimate parts of his girlfriend, RocĂ­o Oliva, and occurs in a pool, not a football field.
The couple was reunited in Dubai and seems to live a honeymoon after having reconociliado. Diego, who had accused her of theft complaint which was in wanted by Interpol warrant has forgiven Dew and now is more affectionate than ever with the footballer 30 years younger than him.
They have shown the images captured by paparazzi and are making waves in networks and in the Argentine media. Not for less than God's hand stretched again. Is there a goal as the first time or in this pitaron missing ...?

No Barbara and Goofy

Joint statement by dell'a.d. and the Rossoneri after the circulation of rumors about the birth of a new flirt with each other.

No di Barbara e PippoBarbara Berlusconi and Filippo Inzaghi have instructed their lawyers to take legal action against all the media who report the news of an alleged relationship.

Higuain wants to make his best goal with Zaira

 After ending their three-year courtship with tennis player Juan 'Pico' Monaco, who left a few weeks ago, Zaira Nara vuelver to be free and, therefore, has become the object of desire of many suitors, not vain is one of the most desired Argentine.
One of them, as stated by a radio program widely distributed in the country of Messi, is neither more nor less than the HiGain Pipit. Aware of singleness Sister Wanda Nara, Napoli striker approach maneuvers have started to conquer at any cost.
However, Zaira itself has it wanted to put an end to speculation by ensuring that "Higuain do not know. It's a lazy programs to fill 30 minutes, invent things of life of the people," he told
Unhappy with the poured information, Zaira added that "suddenly you wake up and you find a story that someone would invent amused."