Sunday, 23 November 2014

The bride Phelps was born a man!

The bride of Michael Phelps, Lianne Taylor Chandler, made ​​a startling revelation in his Facebook account, ensuring born a man named David Roy Fitch.
Today, Chandler, 41, is intersexual, which means you have male genitalia but not testes and uterus but no ovaries.
When I was a teenager, Chandler took testosterone blockers and changed its name to now, twenty years have surgery to have female genitalia.
As he explains in his post on Facebook "I was never a man, I never lived as a man. Nobody can say that knew me as a man or made a picture of me as a man. There are people who remember me as an androgynous boy because that is what forced me ".
Taylor Chandler, who claims to be bride Phelps, also reveals how love is the swimmer since they met. "The time spent with him is like a 'affaire' teenage love. I've never felt so comfortable and accepted all as I was for him."
In a previous interview he revealed that his first date "one thing led to another and we made love for half a day. Later we had sex again and our intimacy was fantastic. It was the first time in my life that someone made ​​me feel like a real woman. "
He added that Phelps never lied about his past, but he believes that after his revelations will not pursue the relationship. "Surely I will lose because his team is trying to protect the most since the start of rehabilitation."

Nicole Scherzinger, new queen of Formula 1

Formula 1 now has a new queen. This is Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton couple, new world champion of the specialty, after winning the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.
The English needed to overtake Nico Rosberg and did so in a peaceful race that his girlfriend was followed by a bundle of nerves in the paddock.
Nicole was one of the first to congratulate him with a kiss, before even the helmet is removed. Immersed in promoting his new album, 'Big fat lie', I was not sure she could attend the race, but in the end it was able to do so.
"We will pray for you this weekend," he wrote on social networks, without hiding their anxiety about the outcome of the last and decisive race of the racing season.
Nicole and Lewis pass a good time having resumed a relationship full of ups and downs for the ravings of the pilot. Now it seems that everything is going well and even Wedding bells.

Higuain wants to make his best goal with Zaira

 After ending their three-year courtship with tennis player Juan 'Pico' Monaco, who left a few weeks ago, Zaira Nara vuelver to be free and, therefore, has become the object of desire of many suitors, not vain is one of the most desired Argentine.
One of them, as stated by a radio program widely distributed in the country of Messi, is neither more nor less than the HiGain Pipit. Aware of singleness Sister Wanda Nara, Napoli striker approach maneuvers have started to conquer at any cost.
However, Zaira itself has it wanted to put an end to speculation by ensuring that "Higuain do not know. It's a lazy programs to fill 30 minutes, invent things of life of the people," he told
Unhappy with the poured information, Zaira added that "suddenly you wake up and you find a story that someone would invent amused."

Georgette Eto'o and 'intimate wedding' in Milan on Monday

 True to the discretion that has always characterized in private matters, just knowing that Samuel Eto'o married Monday in Milan with Georgette, his lifelong partner and with whom he has four children.
What has unveiled the exclusive Sportmediaset website, announcing that private ceremony will be very intimate with few guests and no exclusive celebrity magazines.
The former player of Barcelona, ​​Inter and Chelsea, now in the ranks of Everton, just bought a luxury apartment in the center of Milan and plans to settle in the future with his wife, of Ivorian nationality and their four children, Maelle, Etienne Sienna and Lynn.
It is known that among the guests, there will be some excompa├▒ero Inter but Jose Mourinho, who coached him at the Italian club and Chelsea.