Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ilary Blasi: "Totti was jealous, but now ..."

Francesco Totti was once jealous towards Ilary Blasi, but with time the situation has improved. To confess it was the same showgirl in an interview with the weekly magazine 'Today'.
"Freedom is necessary at any age, even now - explains the 'Hyena -. If I can not carve out space for myself crazy. Finally now Francis understands and does not get angry anymore. I recently made a trip to London my friends. "
"We had some dark times - he adds - but nothing serious ever deeper crisis. There have been ups and downs, periods of boredom and other merriment. But we never talked about separation, at most there may have been a day bit 'quieter than usual. Francesco and I grew up together, we now have a deeper relationship, we know better and we are even closer. "
"I related to him that I was only twenty years old, but coming back I would do it all over again," said Ilary.

Cruzeiro launches a sensual lingerie line

Leader in the Brazilian championship and a finalist of the Cup of Brazil, Cruzeiro has been strengthened for the week of classic muses a real treat. Neither more nor less than the Brazilian celebrity Ranata D'Avila and Miss Belo Horizonte 2014.
Both participated in the presentation of the new line of lingerie club, playing with colors, blue and white, in a brand Sapeka designs that models wore with elegance and sensuality.
The thongs especially caught the attention of the audience, which vibrated almost as much as in a game of his favorite team, the presentation of the collection dubbed 'blue starry'.

The bride unstoppable Tim Howard inflamed networks


 Less than two months ago, we introduced you to Nora Segura's girlfriend Tim Howard, goalkeeper for Everton and the US national team, and we tell you that it was a 'addicted' to selfie.
Well, the time since then is an eternity in this Wag US, for our comfort, continued hanging pictures and more pictures has been done for advertising and for personal enjoyment.
With all of them you can put together an impressive gallery and with the latter, especially, Nora has inflamed networks. And this model with Spanish and Swedish descent, an explosive mixture is a real sex bomb.

The tennis player Juan Monaco, another plant Zaira

After three years of love with a few crisis by Zaira Nara and tennis player Juan "Pico" Monaco have ended their relationship. With them you can not even speak of a final break, but for now have decided to take different paths.
Much has been speculated about the causes and suggests that cohabitation has come to extinguish the flame. And after suffering a robbery at gunpoint in his home Icardi Wanda's sister went to live with her ​​boyfriend and say frictions were growing over time.
Nevertheless, neither the player nor the model explained the rationale. "I'll just say that John laughed a few versions. It is true that there are still together, but it was all good between us, "said Zaira referring to the rumor stating that Monaco had left.
And that Zaira does not want to know the girl who let all their boyfriends, enduring stigma since Diego Forlan may plant forty days, ascended the altar. Now, she and her relatives claim that the model does not wanted to marry tennis star ...

Gigi Buffon and Ilaria D'Amico looking for a home: Baby on the way?

A new home, and probably a baby on the way. Gianluigi Buffon and Ilaria D'Amico were immortalized by Diva and Donna at the station looking for a home of their own where they can grow their child, according to rumors that it would be coming.
Quench the controversy over the couple, now they try to reconcile their relationship with the commitments with Juventus and Sky: Ilaria would be the second child for the third goalkeeper of the national team, after Louis Thomas and David Lee, the former had Alena Seredova wife.

The beach topless finalist Miss Bumbum

bumbum beach-ok
We're in full countdown of the finals of the fourth edition of Miss Bumbum. The next day 17 will be the winner. A jury will choose among the fifteen finalists in an expected final gala in the world, as the contest that awards the best ass in Brazil has already become a phenomenon of global attention.
And while the finals are about eight contestants took the opportunity to relax on the beaches of Guaruj√°, where to the delight of photographers - and ours made ​​a fun and festive topless.
Very sensual seaside, all launched the bikini top in the air, as if to say that the die is already cast ... and it is. After two million votes wow a whole, the jury expected to issue an opinion.