Monday, 3 November 2014

Is this one of the best goal celebrations ever?

 On one side, a group of beautiful young women in bikini. The other, a group of men. Is this the ideal setting for a great game of football? Maybe not but, at least, is certainly one of the more humorous for.
This video used to promote a brand of android applications for materials for the difference between opponents and draws attention mainly by how enthusiastic young people celebrate the goal. The best ever? Seeing is believing.

"Rodgers changed his wife better than Suarez"

"Brendan Rodgers has changed his wife better than Luis Suarez." This humorous commentary has spread virally through social networks.
Very pissed off by repeatedly checking the performance of Balotelli is light years Luis Suarez, the Liverpool fans remember that their coach left his wife, Susan, a few months ago to start a relationship with Charlotte Hind, a blonde and more young former employee of the club.
The Liverpool manager, who on Tuesday faced Real Madrid in Champions League match, has two older sons with ex-Anton, twenties and Oldham player, and Mischa, seventeen. Both are still living with her ​​mother and now, after divorce, dealing another house and not the family mansion, in which the French defender Liverpool Sakho lives.
Meanwhile, Rodgers and his new love have just moved to supermansion of Gerrard, valued at three million pounds. To further their relationship, Charlotte had to leave his job at Liverpool, as the club does not allow the relationship between two employees.
The couple is booming and spent his last vacation in Spain. Now the Liverpool fans wondering why Rodgers did not have such good taste when Luis Suarez for replacing Balotelli.
If you look at the pictures, you'll see why.

Ann Kathrin: full throttle and Mario Gotze ... yet

 Ann Kathrin Brommel, the girlfriend of Mario Gotze, becomes a protagonist in the German media for his latest perched: a calendar made ​​in Paris, where the model appears very sensual riding a bike.
Work is for Lambertz, signing gingerbread, has hired German girlfriend Hero World, Mario Gotze, who scored the winning goal against Argentina. So far, the success has not affected the couple ...
That's certainly news after the German media talk of a curse for the high rate of separations that occurred between the world champions after winning the trophy.
Ruptures started with Schweinesteiger, which left the model Sarah Brandner after seven years of relationship for tennis player Ana Ivanovic continued Ozil caught betraying his girlfriend singer Mandy Capristo and ending, for now, with Neuer, who cut with partner, Kathrin Gilch.
So, as we said in the headline, Mario Gotze on ... still with the spectacular Ann Kathrin, which will look at a gallery with your best photos and your new calendar.