Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fabi Martínez, beware of imitations ...

Fabi Martínez imitou os festejos dos golos de várias estrelas Mundiais (foto )
As anyone who has dummy Paraguayan football as one of his passions, Fabi Martínez is seen as one of the most recent media rivals Larissa Riquelme. There are few points that differ between them. Beautiful, sexy and lovers of football, Fabio tried to become the muse of the World Cup in Brazil, even without your selection be one of the teams present. To this end, this brunette has starred in a photo shoot out of the ordinary.
The idea came to various points of the planet. Photographs imitating the festivities of great stars of world football. The result was obviously positive. Moreover, Fabi Martinez donned the jerseys of all teams in the competition, including Portuguese.
Claims to be a fanatic for Barcelona's Brazilian star, Neymar and Spain's Iker Casillas. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, interestingly, were out of their choices.

Soraja: the best pictures from Love In New Ney?

As I have already told Sport website, Serbian media suggests that Neymar has begun a new relationship with Soraja Vucelic, a spectacular Serbian model who rose to fame for his role in the program 'Big Brother'.
According to the newspaper 'Kurir', this summer the couple met in Ibiza and since then have maintained a torrid romance. This medium also adds that even came forward to pay a private jet so he could visit him in Barcelona.
So far, the only verifiable is a photograph of the Brazilian striker with model and one that is within Soraja what looks like a private jet and wearing the blaugrana shirt Neymar.
We leave you with a gallery of Sara Soraja Vucelic, further passing the Serbian Big Brother house, also posed as 'Bunny' Playboy.

The 'pechotes' Madrid footballers and friend

Your name, Isabel Mateos, you probably will not say anything. But his nickname itself. It is the now famous' The pechotes', the intimate friend of the also famous "Little Nicholas', the young impostor who rubbed shoulders with high places and whose exploits have put in serious doubt the safety of the country's institutions.
After revealing his friendship with the 'Little Nicholas', which according to Interviu reveals he offered to mediate the president Núñez was not going to jail for the subject of finance, this young journalism student only 19 years focusing all eyes.
The daughter of a renowned businessman tries to 'disappear' from the madding crowd, but more and more details of it appear and a photo is known to be a follower unconditional Real Madrid and is even friends with some of the players to whom he met through his work as PR for some of the most famous nightclubs in the Spanish capital.
We leave you with the photos of 'The pechotes' and you'll see that lives up to the nickname with which knows the 'Little Nicholas', said to be her boyfriend even though it is just for a friend, his best friend ...

Pennetta: "Marriage with Fognini? Not yet ..."

Flavia Pennetta is looking forward to starting with Fabio Fognini: "Two tournaments, then: holiday! Only 17 days, but can not wait. We'll go to the sea, though this season we have to take other aircraft. But I want of the sea. Where? We do not know yet. "
"I'm getting married? No, not yet ... - adds a nice Brindisi on the relationship with Mr Liguria -. He has a great talent, he just needs to manage their condition. I try to advise him, to give him support, not a tennis player, but girlfriend from a friend. It 'good to separate the two. His reactions are instinctive, as if he were holding their breath, without air. They are the expectations, the pressure that they get you. I know it well. I, too, when I entered the top ten in 2009, I did not manage sapute. Then I realized, I recovered. That 's what I keep telling Fabio: do not worry, it's just a game. I am very sorry for him, because it's really attentive, caring. "