Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Diego Maradona spoke of the controversial video that involves

The "Ten" is in the eye of the storm after the release of a film where you see it in an inappropriate attitude Dew Oliva. Tired of the talk of him, he decided to clarify the matter with a strong message.
"Yes, I flew the phone, but I swear that I never raised my hand to a woman. The episode begins and ends there. I take charge blew off the phone, but no more. The situation continued and was intensified" , confirmed Diego Marina Calabro.
For its part, the panelists said. "He said he knew of the existence of the video, you know the situation, you understand that trimming the situation may seem confusing, but the scene ends there he realized that she I was recording and did not like. "
The environment of the athlete says the video hit the media and football star through his nephew, "Chinese" and Veronica Ojeda.

The Curse of the Wags World Cup champions

Mandy Capristo, Sarah Brandner and Kathrin Gilch have broken up with their boyfriends
Would you be cast an evil eye an Argentine?, Have you uploaded them to the World at the head? ... The German media talk of a curse. So explain that since Germany won the World Cup three of its most emblematic players have broken with their partners.
The first to fall fuer Schweienteiger Bastian. Bayern captain, who for years was dating model Sarah Brandne r, let the tennis player Ana Ivanovic, with which he 'hunted' strolling hand in hand through New York's Central Park.
The next in this chain of infidelities was Mesut Ozil. A couple of weeks ago, they were some of his photos with a girl making a massage on the back and his former teammate Christian Lell publicly denounced his girlfriend betrayed him with exmadridista. Singer Mandy decided to leave and even Capistro has already made ​​the move from his London mansion.

Cristina Pedroche shines among Wags League

 The Gala LFP generated much controversy over the few awards received by the champions league and the many that took Real Madrid. Apart from that, and as far as we are concerned, it was an excellent opportunity to see some celebrities and Wags.
They noted, among all, the hostess Cristina Pedroche, who gave an award, and couples of Cristiano Ronaldo (Irina Shayk) yKeylor Navas (Andrea Salas), among others.
Here you can see an extensive gallery of the red carpet gala of the LFP

Which would undress Monica Adam and Eve?

'Adam and Eve', the first reality show in which contestants participate fully naked, swept its opening last Wednesday in Four getting an audience of over 2,800,000 viewers.
In front of it was the famous sports journalist Mónica Martínez, expensive sports Antena 3 in the past and has soprendido with new and different role, but has been warned that she would not undress as the contestants ... the only looking to the side.
"I had to train the eye to me they were not the eyes. That no matter what I had to look at his face, "he explained in an interview LOC. You asked about who would be the person you would like to see naked, Monica took the ember took his sardine.
"Women do not put us to see someone naked, but if I had to choose between Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi would have it clear," he said and it is assumed, for its renowned Real Madrid, would choose to Portuguese.
Yes, made ​​it clear that she did not undress. "The director has tried it and I've already told several times not to," he told LOC journalist, who was a model and as you will see in the photos, has a great body.