Monday, 27 October 2014

Referee Fernanda Colombo to undergo breast surgery
 Brazilian assistant referee Fernando Colombo decided to retire from football one months to undergo surgery to increase the ...

Ex-NBA Player Jeremy Tyler - My Baby Mama Punched Our 10-Month-Old ... Kicked My Pregnant Sister

 Ex-NBA player Jeremy Tyler -- who was just released by the Lakers -- claims his baby mama went berserk and punched their 10-month-old child last week ... and now he's obtained a restraining order against her.

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 23-year-old -- who's expected to sign a deal to play in China -- filed court docs in L.A. asking for protection from Sukey Rowan ... a British national who Tyler's been with for years.

In the docs, Tyler says Rowan got violent during an altercation at his mother's house on October 18th -- when she showed up to the home before she was expected to be there and demanded to see their child.

"I brought [the child] outside and she swung at me and tried to hit me while I was holding our son," Tyler says ... "At one point she missed me and hit our son."

Tyler continues, "My sister tried to get between us, and she kicked my sister, who is nine months pregnant, in the stomach."

Tyler says he's not only concerned for his safety -- but worries that Rowan will take the child to the U.K. and that "I will never see him again."

Despite the allegations, Tyler says "I still love Sukey, but I cannot let my son and I live in danger because of her mental issues and violent temper."

A judge granted a temporary restraining order against Rowan -- which also bars her from leaving the country with their kid.

We reached out to Rowan for comment -- so far, no word back.

Dallas Cowboys Star - SEX GOD ... Says Super Hot GF

 Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick isn't just killin' it on the field ... he's killin' it in the bedroom too ... so says his super hot GF Draya Michele.

The "Basketball Wives L.A." star was leaving an event at the Mondrian -- in a super tight, super revealing dress -- when we asked if she takes any credit for the incredible season Orlando is having.
Ya gotta hear what Draya says -- pretty funny.

FYI -- the Cowboys are 5-0 with Scandrick on the field this season ... and he's on track to make the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Even if he doesn't, it's clear this dude will have no trouble gettin' lei'd.

Wanda Nara showed his belly in seven months and ... we ate at Mauro Icardi mouth!

Transiting her fourth pregnancy, most of the Nara sisters enjoy, with her ​​husband, the arrival of the little drink. Happy new month to meet with him, shared a photo soo caramel and then showed his tummy.
Wanda Nara lived a superb present. Mauro Icardi crush on, he does not hesitate to share some of their privacy by 2.0 world. The 27th of this month, Wanda and Mauro celebrated another anniversary together and she chose to share a kissing photo "Sweet 27 ♥ I love you forever," he wrote.
While waiting for his first wife's daughter, and due to the repeated requests of his followers to show 'closer' to her belly, she gave him a cute message to her baby. "Slowly comes my girl's tummy Countdown , ♥♥♥ two months away. "
A (very!) Sweet expected.

Magic moment for Stramaccioni has become a father

 Golden moment for Udinese coach Andrea Stramaccioni.
The win against Atalanta, the third place in the standings and now another joy: the birth of the child.
As reported by the official website, Udinese announces that his wife Delilah gave birth to Julius at 12.32; the birth of the first son of the couple and '' took place without complications at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Hospital Santa Maria della Misericordia of Udine, where the new mother 'was assisted by the team of Dr. Fabio Springolo. Julius weighs 3,034 kilograms and is in excellent health. 

Antonella Mosetti the new boyfriend: "Let's make love several times a day. With him I forgot Aldo Montano"

All the juicy details of the relationship between the Mosetti and the young footballer Alessandro Corvesi Who told in the showgirl. 

If at the beginning of the month News 2000 was to publish the first pictures of Antonella Mosetti with her ​​new boyfriend, footballer Alessandro Pavia Corvesi, here now comes the first service posed for the Chi magazine, complete with a showgirl interview .

The Mosetti, 39 years old, we would point out that in the meantime Alexander, 26, is not a toy boy:
You know who bred horses are recognized at the starting>? Here, Alex is my colt. We make love every day, ten times during the week. With him I have found my femininity and, for the first time, thanks to him, I forgot Aldo Montano. But woe to call him "boy toy" ... Who uses that word speaks Ale without knowing it. He is younger than me by birth, but the head is a fifty gallant who knows how to love and respect. The "pischella" between the two is me.
We've been together for the past five months, but only now, only when I realized I was safe, I decided to go public with our story, which I hope is that in my life. Also because thanks to Alexander I forgot finally Aldo.
Of course, speaking of Montano, with whom he had a long relationship and living together in more than one occasion had to think about upcoming wedding:
Aldo represented the most important man in my life. Even if the love was gone, every time the comparison was taking with him. With Aldo we lived together, shared important moments. Today, with Alexander next, I do not have more in mind "But with Aldo would have been better," little words that, almost every time I started a new relationship, appeared as if by magic.
Corvesi has thus failed to win her heart and passion between the two is the star:
He knew how to woo. We have not been to bed since the first night, we could not wait. We sleep entwined every night, never break away. With him I found the taste to put a drop of perfume before going to bed.
Just to keep it all connected and happy? Antonella is possibilist:
If Alexander will be good to take the road of marriage, I am here and I'll be there. We will see.

So Iker and Ramos celebrated victory in the classic

 Real Madrid's players celebrated in style triumph against Barça and some shared their happiness through networks. This is the case of Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, who hung some pictures of your 'holiday' with your partners.
Iker and Sara were with their friends Isabel Jimenez and her husband Alex and hung a picture together on who wrote the message: "A great day to celebrate !! Celebrating the victory against arch-rivals, "Iker wrote.
 Meanwhile, Sergio Ramos, Pilar Rubio also wanted to celebrate in style and had the family company Sergio's brother, Rene, and his newfound wife, model and designer Vania Millán. There were also his best friends Lujan Arguelles and his partner, businessman Carlos Sanchez Arenas.

The octopus was unable Vivi prognosis classic

 Virginie Caprice, French porn exactriz now engaged relizar sports predictions, failed to predict the outcome of classic.
Known as the 'PulpoVivi' bet for a tie on his twitter, but the prognosis was far from 3-1 recorded the encounter.
Last season it does hit Barca victory at the Bernabeu, but he predicted a 0-1 and the result was 3-4.
After the match, Virginie hung his picture in the Adidas store in Paris and tweeted that "Madrid is present here."

"Balotelli is the love of my life, but finished"

This time we must believe that they have definitely broken. At least this is the first time, after many twists and turns, that one of them concedes that have left the relationship. What she has done. In an interview with Belgian magazine Nina, Fanny Neguesha was filed.
"Mario is the love of my life, but it all ended," he said. "It is definite" and punctuated added that "we are not fighting. I wish him well in life and in his career."
Fanny insisted that no hard feelings to the Italian front, but did not specify if the reason for the split was an affair as some media suggest. "If you love someone, you can not hate because the relationship has ended badly. I can feel dececpcionada, but I wish things would be bad. If you need me I'll be there for him. As a friend, "he said.
The model seeks to overcome the trauma. "Mario was my first love. But I hope you have another great love for me. I'm still young. One day I want to get married and have children. "
Looking back, Fanny said, "I was not prepared for the pressure of being his girlfriend, for all that attention. At first you're happy when a picture of you has much impact worldwide. You get the feeling that all eyes are on you ... but soon became an annoying routine. You always have to be careful with what you wear, what you look like. It's exhausting. It was a great effort. "
Fanny, who recalled in an interview that her father died when she was 11, "was very hard," has been very active in recent days in the nets. He has published photos of the story, a trip with her friends, and another for charitable reasons.

Miss Bumbum: the love story of two finalists

The fourth edition of the 'Miss Bumbum Brazil' is entering its final stages. Foul just under a month to finalize the ratings of fifteen finalists that will, among which a jury must decide which one has the best Brazilian ass.
Meanwhile, the contest remains a source of news for its characters and their relationships. In this sense, the Brazilian portal 'Ego' has revealed that two of the contestants, Ana Paula and Thaynara Xavier Ferreira, have fallen in love and are the first gay couple in the contest.
"We decided not to hide from anyone," say both and, as shown, reported an image together and appearing scantily clad on a bed. Also the 'hunted' kissing in a local, images that you see below.
Ana Paula, who represents the state of Amapá, and Thaynara, that does it for Paraiba, considered bisexual and confess they are together for two months. The flame ignited their relationship when Ana Paula moved to Sao Paulo.
"When I arrived in the capital I found myself lost. It was then that I met Thaynara in the competition and we became friends. Seeing the problems I had invited me to live in his house. I accepted. And with the passage of time, we notice that we did not want to be just friends, "said Ana Paula.
Thaynara also said that until then had had no homosexual experience. "We walked in line, but it was not easy. We did not want to take our infatuation with our families and what preconceived suspicion. But we had a mature conversation and decided not to hide from anyone. In the end, we are so happy and that's what matters most. "
Finally, both agreed that they no longer competing for the title of 'Miss Bumbum' and Ana Paula Sticking "the best prize was finding Thaynara".