Friday, 24 October 2014

Mauro and Wanda chose the furniture for the living Francesca

The couple spares no expense for future drink. Beyond the clothing and accessories that caused such a stir this week they took care of getting the crib and stroller for the little girl in one of the most exclusive European firms. Images in the note.

The Italian Vanity Fair found marriage carefully choosing the furniture for your daughter. They say, they got together and toured the local calmly evaluating all products. After a heated debate, they came to an agreement and were happy with the choice.

Wanda could not with his genius and also bought some clothes to complete the wardrobe and nurtured his daughter.

Maradona accused of robbing couple Claudia Villafane

The former footballer Jorge Rial contacted to tell you about themillionaire stealing $ 20 million he suffered and which was researched much of his family, including his daughters.

"Dalma and Gianinna and are not investigated or under suspicion,"said Rial in "Intruders".

It seems that former footballer Jorge Triana suspected, the current pair Claudia Villafane.