Thursday, 16 October 2014

Balotelli, £ 1,000 a week to keep Pia

Peace made between Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico.
Mario, from a report in the Mirror, decided to contribute to the maintenance of his daughter Pia, after a long querella with the showgirl, the child's mother.
The former AC Milan will pay one thousand pounds (1260 euro) per week in support of her daughter.

Mertens asks girlfriend after 10 years of courtship in marriage

Dries Mertens (26) gets married. Reported that Studio Brussel. Last night was the Belgian attacker decade along with Katrin Kerkhof and Dries asked her to marry him. The former PSV player currently playing in Serie A with Napoli.
During the World Cup showed Katrin as a reporter for Studio Brussel even know that Dries romantic type.