Wednesday, 8 October 2014

"Sabia Rafael throws money down the drain '

Sabia and Rafael errands in Hamburg. © Splash News.

Sabia Engizek has a hole in her hand. That set at least German media, who claim that once the girlfriend of footballer Rafael van der Vaart from home, they are already throwing money down the drain.

© EPA.

The 36-year-old Sabia pressure is spotted shopping spotted almost daily in the most expensive store in Hamburg. She spends cents Rafael include on expensive shoes, handbags and makeup. "Her behavior is the scuppers," insiders say. "There's not a day or she pulls out with his credit cards." 

Difficult period 
The ex Khalid Boulahrouz has a difficult period behind. In 2008 her daughter was born three months prematurely, died she had with Boulahrouz. In December, she had a miscarriage when she was Rafael van der Vaart. Pregnant 19 weeks Sabia does have an older daughter from a relationship with a German club owner.They also had two children with Boulahrouz. 

The pair was earlier this month spotted on the gynecology department .They both have never made a secret of the fact that they would like to put together yet. Sprout a small world

Balotelli: "My flirt? Lies"

Still disappointing in the field since moving to Liverpool, Mario Balotelli is seen continually attributed a different kind of performance, far away from the turf.
His alleged adventures of passion continually fill the pages of the gossip, but the striker of the 'Reds' is tired of rumors concerning him and wanted to emphasize his displeasure through its Twitter account: "In relation to any alleged that flirt I was associated only I wanted to clarify that they are absolute lies repetitive and boring. Goodnight-). "
In particular 'SuperMario' refers to the rumors appea