Thursday, 2 October 2014

Leila Lopes, Angola's has denied that Ronaldinho

Leila Lopes, uma angolana que conquistou o Mundo em 2011 (foto )
Leila Lopes has been at the top of the most beautiful women on the planet, literally. Yes, because we are talking of Miss Universe 2011 A distinction that placed this Angolan, born in Benguela, among some of the most desired women in the world. Miss Angola in 2011, this fabulous mannequin, now aged 28, will never forget the day he was crowned as the Queen of the World beauty ceremony held in São Paulo (Brazil).
However, before being awarded this prize, Leila Lopes was also highlighted with an episode that has aroused extensive in Brazil. The Angolan before the ceremony Miss Universe, was in training camp where he met Flamengo Ronaldinho, one of the stars of Brazilian football. A meeting that, according to press reports at the time, ended with an invitation to leave the dummy footballer. An invitation ... have been rejected.
A "cap" that still gave greater media attention to this African who, by the way, continued linked to sports through the sentimental level. Yes, because last July, Leila Lopes celebrated her marriage in Luanda, with the player ... football, of Nigerian origin, Osi Umenyiora, New York Giants athlete.

Pilar Rubio does not want to hear about wedding with Ramos

The gossip magazines this week echoed statements made ​​by Pilar Rubio at the launch of a new advertising campaign starring and World also published their intentions to marry or not with Sergio Ramos are made.
And the presenter, so he says, does not want to hear about up to the altar with Real Madrid. "For me it is not an issue. There is one thing that we have set ourselves, nor spoken. As we are with the child all day, so we are very well, "he said.
Nor was encouraged when he was reminded of his brother René bodorrio with Vania Millán. "Man, as an excuse for a party ... But you have to have plenty of time to organize a wedding. Now we have very fair with the work of Sergio , mine and child. If I will have a second child before? I do not know. We go every day ".
Pilar Rubio also said to be haunted by her motherhood. "My son is a little man. Did not think that being a mother was so tired, because I'm a little consumed.'s Very nice ... But I was watching him go hours."
He says the small is, for the moment, "a mixture of the two," and that "although it has 4 months old, has character. It's like super happy all the time, is very cheerful ... It is very sharp, but it is what all parents tell their children, "he said, laughing.

The Italian witch surrenders at the feet of Totti

Laura Cremaschi, the Italian witch is coming out. Staunch fan of Rome, his excitement about the fantastic tie he got at the Etihad Stadium has no limit. A tie achieved through another masterpiece of Francesco Totti ...
"Great capitano" he wrote on Twitter to celebrate the goal. Last weekend Cremaschi had congratulated Totti for his 38th birthday with best wishes. Interestingly, she was also celebrating his 29 years in the company of her boyfriend in Morocco, as shown in some pictures he posted on social networks.
Former 'Miss Padania 2006' also had words of encouragement for the civil-coach. "García, number one. We are a big squad. Adelante! Forza Roma! Large Roma ".