Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Klopp: "I watch porn movies? Of course, the first in 15 years,"

Jurgen Klopp has never been a coach trivial.

In an interview style Hyenas issued to the German channel "1Live," the coach said Borussia Dortmund nice and spicy details about his private life, starting from the adolescent stage ...

"I still wonder if I watch porn movies? Of course you do. The first was when I was 15 or 16 years, the title of the film was Josefine Mutzenbacher (The story of a Viennese prostitute herself narrated). Today would be little more than a romantic movie, but then it was already a movie very thorough ... ". 

A question and answer always very playful and sincere that, among other steps, also records an anecdote 'uncomfortable' about Italy: "The worst insult I received? Believe in Napoli in the Champions League., But I did not understand exactly what they told me because it was in Italian. "

And so with another laugh of his. As usual bright and engaging. A true talent in any field, from the bench to the tv.

"Sylvie has relationship with American businessman '

Sylvie Meis yet has a new love. The 36-year-old presenter is madly in love with an American businessman, reports the American magazine In Touch.

© In Touch.

"I will no longer beat around the bush, it is true that I have a new friend," says Sylvie. "I'm in love and this man makes me very happy." 

Samuel Deutsch would have stolen the heart of Sylvie. The only thing that the blonde wants to reveal about him is that he is a businessman from New York. 

Deutsch fits into the picture of the type of guy where Sylvie falls on .She loves apparently boyish men, with dark hair and light eyes. 

Count Luis 
Recently, a rumor arose that Sylvie would have to dig Luis Medina y Abascal. Secret relationship He announced no more than good friends with Sylvie . 

Sylvie has to be planned according to In Touch about her private life. Reluctant "I've realized over the past year that it is not always wise to comment on everything."

¿Wanda Nara wants to sell the house I had to buy another Maxi with Icardi?

Versions claim that the model would be thinking relist the luxurious house that was next to Maxi Lopez in Tigre, to buy another home inPuerto Madero with her ​​new husband, Mauro Icardi. Following this rumor, Wanda Nara broke the silence and told his truth.

The blonde echoed this version was reported by "The Pavada" the Daily Chronicle, and charge to deny the sale of the house. "It went to any property, and no need to sell anything to buy an apartment," said Wanda blunt.

Khalid Boulahrouz and Miss Universe 2014, a set

UPDATE Khalid Boulahrouz is lucky in love found again. The Feyenoord is infatuated with the reigning Miss Universe Netherlands, Yasmin Verheijen . A spokesman for Miss Universe Netherlands has confirmed the relationship to the AD.

© ANP Kippa.

According to The Telegraph , the spark between Boulahrouz (32) and his 12 years younger girlfriend already beaten at the beginning of summer. Is that the confirmation of their being together has lasted so long because the couple love well hidden managed to keep the press. 

The two were already together on holiday to Morocco Marrakech. 

Ultimately, it was a fashion show by Monique Collignon where Khalid and Yasmin for the first time together really stole the show. 

Now their relationship is known, Boulahrouz makes no secret of plans with Yasmin. "Yes, we're a couple," the football player. To begin with, he is going to support it as Yasmin our country represents the Miss World contest. Her in January at the American Miami 

The Miss Universe 2014, German, Indian, Chinese and Hindu roots, was born and raised in Amsterdam and is in the final year of training as a decorator.