Friday, 26 September 2014

David Beckham stops when underwear model

David Beckham (39) is considering to quit as underwear model soon.The football hunk and husband of former Spice Girl Victoria tells theDaily Mirror that he gradually finds himself too old to pose half naked. guys in lingerie 'My body is still in order. But there is no longer my physical. "Cheerful one day that people will bother to themselves

According to David plays the fact that he is a father role in his decision.David: "I am now 39 years and have four children. The combination underwear model and my role as a father not actually fit together. In time I'm emotionally and physically implausible as a model. " Beckham also hinted it is always quite difficult to have found to pose for cameras. "I'm covered in tattoos and I love leather jackets and other tough garments, but a good shot of me make clear masculine yet simple in practice."