Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Alina Kabaeva, the Olympic champion who stole the heart of Putin

Alina Kabaeva (foto D.R.)
It is one of the beautiful girls from Russia. Alina Kabaeva, former rhythmic gymnast won the twice world champion in this sport and, among his many medals, it counts one Olympic gold (Athens, 2004).
However, it is not because of their sporting performance that Kabaeva gave that talk in your country. After years of speculation and rumors officially denied, the former gymnast was blamed for ending the marriage of Russian President Vladimir Putin last year.
Kabaeva, as an athlete of high competition, began very early to attend the official residence of Putin in St. Petersburg, where they were common official meetings with the president. The connection to Putin did not abate and in 2005, when he retired from professional sport, had a foray into politics, by integrating a consultative organ of the Duma, the Russian parliament, where would come two years later as deputy party of ... Putin.

Miss Bumbum Portugal, new Wag

-Marianne Ranieri-34-okyes
Marianne Ranieri, Miss 'Bumbum' Portugal, is about to become a WAG. A Brazilian website has just catch it by eating kissing a football player in the country. This is Tiago Fernandes, who plays for FC Miami Dade American division of the fourth (NAL), a club founded just four months ago.
As explained by Marianne herself, met five years and now Tiago has been reunited in Miami, for professional reasons does. Miss Bumbum, participating in a reality show with Portuguese players, said "I'm meeting Tiago and I can not say I'm in love." He also said he does not mind that have been photographed topless while kissing injury.
Also, Marianne denied that he was bisexual, when asked about a possible 'affair' with model Graciella Carvalho, with which he made ​​a very sensual perched, as you can see in the photo gallery below. "I'm heterosexual convinced and never I fell in love with this person, he's just a friend and we have no contact. "
Marianne is also the official reporter of the contest 'Miss Brazil 2014 Bumbum'. He drew Claudia Alende, by far the most votes, as his favorite. Both star in a perched just dressed in military.

The horns of the former Ozil

It seems incredible but Aida Yespica has been cuckolded And in the worst way. Their best friend. It was the Venezuelan herself who has uncovered the betrayal in social networks with a tweet in which he claimed to have been "destroyed inside."
The cruel protagonist who has sunk to which at the time was said to be girlfriend of Ozil, but the two have always denied, called Roger Jenkins and is an American millionaire who had 'I bedridden' with her ​​best friend, Simona Di Michele.
Yespica produced evidence that the two messages were sent infidels and protested them his "thousand lies. Those of a friend and a man who swore his love for his children. Can not stand. I'm stupid. "
Aida pain, you deleted the last posts of your accounts, has made ​​its many followers comforted and encouraged through the network with very caring for the Venezuelan showgirl based in Italy for years tweets. Instead, the traitor millionaire, who also came out top with Elle McPherson, has received many criticisms.
We leave you with the photo gallery of the stunning Aida while on vacation in Miami in early summer.

AS Roma puts seductive stewards in

The Stadio Olimpico is a good place this week. The team of Urby Emanuelson and even injured Kevin Strootman state after a 2-0 win over Cagliari with nine points from three matches with Juventus the lead in Serie A. Alessandro Florenzi celebrated his goal in the stands with his grandmother ( which he way to pay a fine ), and the tifosi are at very attractive way since Sunday welcomed and guided to their seat.

The glamorous ladies in question with a sleek black dress and scarf in the team colors yellow or red suspiciously resemble stewardesses from the airline industry. Hopefully they bring the big guys, that Italian football again ravage the last few years, less violent thoughts. 

The idea can come from club president James Pallotta, an Italian American businessman who was born and raised in Boston. Out of the tube would give

Pascale is the "dash" from Berlusconi

He takes her arm, she wriggles quickly. Just a few frames of the video of the arrival of Milan president Silvio Berlusconi and Francesca Pascale at the Meazza, broadcast by Sky, to trigger the debate on the net. The companion of the former premier has appeared in a bad mood despite the upcoming match.
In the photos that portray Berlusconi in the stands during the match against Juventus, the patron of the Rossoneri is immortalized sitting between her daughter Barbara and Adriano Galliani, while there is no trace of Francesca.