Thursday, 18 September 2014

Scandal at red lights in the locker room in Switzerland

A masseuse, obviously handyman, has animated the year-end party of a Swiss amateur training.

The deeds of ultraquarantenne with a 20 year old team did not go unnoticed, because the phenomenon of shift has seen fit to resume with a mobile phone and to disclose the video where the lady - as revealed in the Swiss press - to practice oral sex boy while the other players to incite. The fact is that the movie red light came to the president, who is angry and gave the marching orders to the therapist.

"The party do not remember anything, I have a total blackout. Remains the fact that I pay for all, are the scapegoat," said the woman, according to which someone has stunned placing of unspecified substances in her glass.

Only emerged Tuesday was another amazing episode tied to calcium rossocrociato, with a porter who accidentally drank urine voluntarily put in his water bottle from opposing fans.