Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pirlo's ex gets in tune with his new love ...

It is often said that where tit for tat and that, more or less, is what has happened to Pirlo. He left his wife for another and has been holidaying with her ​​new love airing Valeria Baldini, who has appeared topless in Italian magazines ...
Well ..., fine stylist has seen his ex-wife, Deborah Roversi, step by step avenged. First, in court, where he drew a pension of 55,000 euros per month, and then competing in hot summer.
It first appeared in topless on a beach in Miami and now the vendetta has been completed. The Chi magazine has caught devouring kisses and cuddles his new love. Called Alessio Albini, is 40, and an Italian businessman 40 years that has 'crazy one' worked with a body in the gym.

Balotelli and sexual marathon with a hairdresser

 Since it was known that Mario Balotelli had definitely cut with his girlfriend, Fanny Neguesha, the British press has not stopped putting on new pairs. But none of them can be considered as the new official girlfriend of Liverpool striker. Looks like Supermario is now devoted to making gains of a single night ...
Confirms Emma Dalton, a hairdresser from Los Beatles, which has received the 'Mirror' her affair with the front. An adventure that has not had a happy ending because, as she explains, Balotelli her off at night, after a three-hour sexual marathon.
"I like this. Help my football, "Emma explains that Balotelli told one of the six bedrooms of their new mansion in Liverpool, shortly before making her take a taxi back to his home in middle of the night. "I already knew his reputation, but from what I read, I thought things had changed. He was very friendly and as far as I knew, he was single. Why not ?, told me. "
Emma is now furious for its decision. "Never should have gone home, but now it's done. He was only interested in one thing me and then took me in his way. "
Emma now regrets having contacted Balotelli through social networks. Do not expect him to answer, but he did and so began a story that has ended badly. Mario called the next day and said he only wanted friendship ... But she already have eliminated, as demonstrated by painting his initials with a X in his back, an image also published the Mirror with a view of the home front
Here you go.

Eva Longoria & Serena Williams - Good Things Come in All Sizes

Serena Williams took a well-deserved break after winning the U.S. Open, relaxing on a beach in Miami with Eva Longoria over the weekend. 

Depending on your preference, there is either one or two epic backsides in this photo.

Floyd Mayweather Stiffs Waitress After $32M Fight

Floyd "Money" Mayweather did not share A PENNY of the $32 MILLION he earned Saturday night with the waitress who served him $25,000 worth of booze and chicken wings ... TMZ has learned.

Nik Nguyen tells TMZ ... she thought she'd hit the jackpot when Floyd walked into Rehab at the Hard Rock Sunday afternoon with around 150 people.   Floyd and crew ordered:

5 bottles of Patrone - $2,375
3 Grey Goose  - $1,425
6 bottles of Ciroc - $2,850
20 bottles of Luc Belaire Rose champagne - $11,500
1  6-liter bottle of Luc Belaire Rose - $6,500 
200 chicken wings - $600 
1 fruit platter - $55

TOTAL BILL:  $25,305

Nguyen tells us ... she went the extra mile to provide Floyd and company with excellent service.  Not surprisingly ... the Hard Rock ended up comping Floyd, and he showed his gratitude by leaving Nguyen ... chicken bones, empty bottles and that's it.

She says it's especially maddening because some of the people in Floyd's entourage -- including Jamie Foxx -- were throwing money at random girls who were twerking on stage.

Nguyen says she's been struggling with 2 jobs and the recent death of her father ... but she didn't walk walk away empty-handed. She says security guards felt so sorry for her they scooped up a few bucks the twerkers left behind and gave it to her.

We've called Floyd's team ... so far, no comment.

Floyd Mayweather - Rebuffed By Warren Buffett

Floyd Mayweather was snubbed by Warren Buffett before his championship fight Saturday night, because the billionaire and his company had issues with the champ, weed and women.

Sources connected to both Mayweather and Buffett tell TMZ ... the mogul had agreed to walk Floyd into the ring ... accompanied by Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa.  In fact, we're told Buffett was excited to be part of Team Money.

But our sources say Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, had problems with the spectacle, primarily because of a Mayweather documentary -- "All Access."  Buffett is featured in the flick with Floyd ... and the very next scene shows Money carousing with women while his posse rolls joints.

The documentary didn't sit well with Buffett's people -- they felt it reflected badly on their boss.  We're told at around 10 A.M. Saturday ... Warren agreed and 86'd his plan to walk Floyd into the ring.
After Floyd found out Buffett bailed ... he decided to walk out alone.

Buffett still went to the fight and was with Floyd in his dressing room before the bout.  

Diego Maradona Junior defied his father

The young Italian was visiting Buenos Aires and used to enjoy with your friends.How could it be otherwise, he dared to bring his father with a strong gesture and went public with much happiness.  

Diego spent most of their stay at the Monumental, which also fulfilled the dream of becoming a member of the club he loves. Shamelessly to show everyone that your heart feels a very different passion to his father proud spread all photographs taken. He even took a picture with Pablo Aimar!

What will the "Ten"?

Fanny, selfie without the baby bump: "Do I look pregnant?"

Fanny has denied the rumors with a selfie who wanted ready to become a mother.

The former Mario Balotelli has just put a picture of her bikini in front of the mirror, accompanied by the caption: "Do you still think I'm pregnant?".

All this was triggered by another photo in which Fanny stroked his belly in a suspicious way.