Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Zealand, nude girl invades the field

The Rugby Championship comes alive with a spicy brackets: during the match between New Zealand and Argentina at the stadium McLean Park in Napier, the 25 year-old Rose Kupa decided to run madly for the field.
No weirdness, since they all run on the pitch towards the goal, if it were not that the girl he did it completely naked. Or rather, dressed only of shoes and a wool cap on his head.
The security guards have chased and stopped the hard way, so that the Internet has led to discussion about ways too brutal and excessive use of force by the authorities. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, the uninhibited damsel did receive a warning for misbehavior and was disqualified for two years from the stadium McLean Park.

Wozniacki and men: - I have met a few

And then sends Caroline Wozniacki a small suppository for 'small' Rory McIlroy.

Oh, Rory McIlroy.

In a new interview is Caroline Wozniacki just thrown a suppository after his ex-fiancée 175 centimeters.

- I would like to find a higher guy, so I can have high heels on for everyday, says with a smile from Caroline Wozniacki, who erect measures 177 centimeters.

She says the program 'In depth' with journalist Graham Bensinger. Here she tells us also what else she looks for in a potential new boyfriend.

- I would like an honest guy. He must be fun to be with and not take itself too seriously, says Caroline Wozniacki, who has "a long list" of properties that interested guys to live up to.

And despite the ugly break with Rory McIlroy, the 24-year-old Danish tennis pills are not discouraged from re-embark in love waters, although it must be combined with a tennis-playing life across the globe.

- It is important to have a life outside the court, and I do not think that it was difficult to balance between playing tennis and have a relationship. It's great when you can have both. When you are happy off the court, you play better and get better results, says Caroline Wozniacki.

It says that in fact there has been absolutely dead in the relationship with the opposite sex.

- I have met a few who have been funny to hang out with. I get many tweets from men such as' Hey, I'm also single, and I live in Cincinnati, says Caroline Wozniacki, who recently played in the American city.

However, she has not responded to inquiries. - But there have been some brilliant tweets in between, which almost deserves an answer, she says.

And then she says that the break has come at a distance, even if the whole world looked from the sidelines.

- It was hard, because he made it very public from the start and I had no choice. It was thrown straight up in my head. But right now I'm good place, and I feel better than in a long time, says Caroline Wozniacki

- I was shocked. I thought at the very least, it could make face-to-face. But it was just a phone call, and then I never heard from him again. I had not expected, and things like comb can never prepare for. 
Caroline Wozniacki, on the break with Rory McIlroy.