Monday, 1 September 2014

Miss Bumbum 2014: Claudia leader will

The 2014 contest Miss Bumbum still burning stages and is now in the throes of voting. Visitors can vote on the official contest page which annually elects the best Brazilian ass and, for the moment, there is a clear favorite among the 27 candidates, one for each state of Brazil.
This is Claudia Alende, representing the state of Paraná, and leads the standings with a remarkable advantage. It takes no less than 34'5% of the votes cast, while second-placed Ana Paula Souza (Federal District), only 7.78. In third place is Ana Flavia Magalhaes (Goiás) with 6.61%.
In any case, Claudia seems destined to win this first phase, but even prevails in the ratings last word will have the jury, which will issue its verdict in late November. Meanwhile, this 20 year old has soprendido everyone for their extraordinary resemblance to Megan Fox.

Laura Cremaschi, best ass for Italian

Laura Cremaschi, known as the 'Italian octopus' forecasts for its football, has been chosen as having the best Italian ass. So readers have voted Mediaset portal Tgcom24.
The witch has imposed popular with 25 percent of the votes, which have crowned ahead of Fanny Neguesha (Balotelli's girlfriend), with 17 percent and Francesca Cipriani, are followed with 11 other celebrities like Bethlehem Rodriguez (ex Borriello), Elena Santarelli (Corradi woman) and Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney's ex).
The Cremaschi thanked the election on social networks and has boasted rear hanging some pictures. Do not miss the gallery where you will see a summary of their way along the beaches of Miami in August this holiday ..

The irony of Mauro Icardi: "sure I do not drown!"

Since Mauro Icardi announced the pregnancy of Wanda Nara, we had a little forgotten the 'Wancardi'. But they do not stop. Never. The couple is an inexhaustible source of news that Argentina Italian press and spread profusely.
So urgent give you an update, because otherwise we will be many things in the pipeline. For starters, say the couple spent a few days off in Monaco, from which they realized in the nets hanging many pictures you can see below.
In one of them, in which he saw Wanda in bikini in extreme close-up (the top left), the player of Inter pulled irony and wrote: "Sure ... I do not drown."
Do not add anything more about it and move on to the next topic of today Wancardi: more than four million dollars (360,000 euros) which ensures that the daily Very Icardi has been spent on gifts to Wanda for nine months (three married) makes are together. A Lamborghini Gallardo, mini chihuahua, Cartier bracelets or Vuiton handbags are some of the expensive present.
Last but not least, Wanda's father has revealed the identity of the man who the star he practiced oral sex in a video that circulated on the Internet a few years ago and it made ​​shot to fame. He is a businessman Daniel argentino.llamado Stropparo and Wanda's father says he knew he was recording their relationships, so he warned his daughter and she ignored him ...

CR7 is not home and talks about the mother of his child

Besides despise Messi for the umpteenth time, Christian has been dispatched comfortable in his last interview in Portugal, during which he did not dodge, as on other occasions, questions about his private life. Madrid striker for the first time, elaborate on the mother of his son and said that, for now, no plans to marry Irina.
"Not yet, but like any citizen of the world, one day I would marry. I get along with Irina, but marriage is a very important step. I have time to think. Although, of course, someday I'd like to marry like any normal person, "said Cristiano Ronaldo,
In the second part of the interview on Portuguese channel TVI, the figure of Real Madrid said about it that it is still "young" to make a commitment like marriage: "I'm still not ready," he said.
About the mother of his son revealed his nationality. "Nationality his mother is Portuguese. Though my son was born in the United States, is the Portuguese nationality" Christian said, heading off the rumors that would be a American waitress whose belly rented. "I want people to respect the privacy of my son and why not make public the name of his mother," he added.
Cristianinho also explained that goes "to an American school and learn in English, Spanish and Portuguese.'s A very happy child, who cares about boxing, cars and football."
Finally, he discussed his views on the book written by his mother, 'Mother Courage', in which he confessed that nearly aborted when pregnant white crack. "It's an interesting book that the family proud. It was a spontaneous decision that respect. Everything that comes out in the book is no surprise to me. My relationship with my mother is excellent .. .quería show the world all that he lived. "

Shaw: Trio World a celebrity girlfriend

 The brand new and very young signing of Manchester United, Luke Shaw, it becomes more player in the gossip pages of the tabloids that of football. And, still no debut for Van Gaal, the side that triumphed at the orders of Pochetino in Southampton, has been bundled with a celebrity, the spectacular Shelby Billingham and say the thing is serious.
Before, during the World Cup, Luke and jumped to the front pages when Carla Howe, another famous English model, revealed that he had proposed to set up a threesome with her ​​twin sister. Carla not only dismissed the idea but publicly denounced the sinful intentions of international English. Now it seems to have calmed and Shelby seeks another relationship.
They met through twitter and shortly after the first date, the model and met his 'mother' and spent the weekend at the home of the Shaw family.