Friday, 22 August 2014

"The Pocho went all"

After Magalí Mora claimed to have had conversations pitch rises with the "Pocho" Lavezzi and there emerged a strong rumor of a broken relationship, Yanina Screpante defended.

"Since the Pocho's hot ... all out with it!" Said PersonajesTv model.

With respect to an alleged crisis in the couple Screpante said: "Nothing to see We're not in crisis or anything like that it's a lie we're better than ever, enjoying the warmth of Paris...."

Pascale: "Without Silvio I can not stand"

Francesca Pascale away rumors of crisis with Silvio Berlusconi: "It's all right."
"There is harmony, there is heart, there is the head among us - has confessed the companion of former Prime Minister to 'Who' -. Silvio and I argue every 5 minutes, but I want to make peace in every 10 very well. Who wants in crisis, it is probably because they can not bear to see us united. because O does not have much else to do in his life. What matters in our relationship is not what you read in the newspapers, but what we live day after day. And our love is the only certainty I have in my life. "
No leakage or rupture, the bell is on holiday alone for other reasons: "For the known events he can not get away from Arcore."
The absence, however, by his sweetheart weighs the Pascale, ready to return. "Tomorrow I get home, without him I can not stand. President is contagious. When you get used to him, his wisdom, his gentleness, his optimism, his irony is difficult to do without."

Sylvie 'extremely happy' with newfound friendship Sabia

The restored contact between Sylvie Meis and Sabia Engizek has paid off. Sylvie is even "extremely happy" with the developments.

Sylvie and Sabia saw each other a long time, but were recently spotted smiling together in Hamburg. None other than the son of Sylvie and Rafael van der Vaart, the 8-year-old Damian, this was the instigator . 

Damian had a hard time with the overt quarrels of his mother and the girlfriend of his father. 

In Private Sylvie states: "Except that this is the best gift that we could give Damian I myself am also extremely happy with how everything went." 

According to the blonde's got the pain of separation, the loss of hope in the future. " 'I think that should bind us together. Eventually we want all three the same and that is to try to be happy. And what does it matter how you finally manage to achieve that goal? It's the result that counts. "

Mora Magalí set fire to Pocho Lavezzi: "I showed parts"

The ex girl Fariña sent forward footballer, who is paired with Yanina Screpante. Despite rumors of separation, the brunette did not hesitate to add fuel and give precise details of what they did for skype.

"I want to clarify that I am not the umpire between them. She found my messages on your phone, since December talk to him. I added to facebook, only in the World all learned he had a girlfriend. Told me he wanted to talk by skype , so we were a bunch of time. When I found out he was dating Yanina stopped talking to him, "said Magali on" The Chimentero ".

As if that were not enough, and to top it declared: "Lavezzi showed me his cock for little camera."

Maradona would end the scandal Oliva

After the scandal, all seem to indicate that the former player would be willing to raise the complaint filed in Dubai against his former girlfriend.

Complaints of alleged theft and suspected fire. Between Maradona and Rocio Ojeda real war that seemed endless broke. However, the versions circulating in the last few hours show otherwise because he is said to have traveled to Dubai with the firm intention to dismiss the charges against his ex.

It is said that the parties have reached an agreement, lawyers using, which would allow them to put an end to the conflict. Apparently a meeting between José Matías Morla and Vera have enabled them down some decibels to fight their constituents.