Monday, 18 August 2014

The pump Ronaldas enjoy themselves with Paris Hilton

We told you last week that it had signed Cristiano Ronaldo Paris Hilton to play at his nightclub The Algarve. The footballer and now DJ returned to 'join' after the scandal five years ago, when they were hunted in more than caring attitude at a club in Los Angeles.
After that, Paris Hilton came to despise the front and even questioned his masculinity. They say he called "sissy" but the incident seems to be entirely forgotten. So much so that 'Ronaldas' (mother and sisters of Cristiano Ronaldo) has had a great time in Paris on Monday night.
They posed together on the red carpet before the party of the third anniversary of the Seven nightclub and during it they were seen enjoying much complicity.'s Courageous mother Dolores and Elma and Katia sisters finery stood and applauded wildly at Americana at its premiere in Portugal.
It is unknown what Paris Hilton charged or if you made ​​a rebajita a Christian for the last time, but its cache hourly bolus reached 260,000 euros in their recent performances at Pacha Ibiza. That's nothing.

James's wife: insults to the fron

 Daniela Ospina, wife of James Rodriguez, the last galactic signing of Real Madrid, generated intense debate following the official presentation of the new player white. Tweeps, little given to bite his tongue, got into a hard 'war' for and against the new Madrid Wag.
The reason for the dispute was the physicist Daniela, exjugadora volleyball. Some called ugly and insulting pierced the line, which came to lead the response itself interested in social networks.
Now the waters have returned to normal and Daniela occupies its rightful place in the gossip magazines. Neither more nor less than it has been the star of the latest cover of Hello! Into Colombian edition. For the magazine spoke of his feelings after the official presentation of her husband.
"It was awesome, had many Colombians support it was very nice to see that. The stadium was filled.'s Nice to see how James dreams one by one to meet and be with her ​​at times like this even more. It is a difficult feeling to explain, "he confessed.
Daniela, who for reporting wore the shirt commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the magazine, expects the new era of James is a success. "It was unforgettable, it is a dream for him and for me and the family in general, a unique experience, a dream come true. We are very happy and hope everything works out in the best way."
The couple has a daughter, Salome, who is the apple of his eye. "That's about to turn 14 months. Always wants to do things your dad. Longer walks, it's a very smart girl, took her first steps at nine months and says a few words and repeats everything you say James and I, "he says.
Is clear that more children come .: "You always dream to have a family and children, who are a blessing, but it will come in time." On his new life in Madrid, he explained that "I will continue studying, I'm in eighth semester of Business Administration at the Polytechnic Grancolombiano. I have many plans, but first I want to finish this to settle and know what will. "

Bruna confirms that it has broken with Neymar

Once again it has been confirmed that the rumor is the prelude to the news, saying the legendary José María García. And is that a few days ago we told you in Brazil was speculation about the new rupture force between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine, the news has been fully checked by the main protagonist.
The actress opened her heart to the Brazilian television program 'Fantastic' and in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday first spoke of the end of her relationship with the Blaugrana striker. "We have a very large baby. Love, admiration, respect ... will be eternal, "says the only court released so far.
Bruna gave the interview to the journalist Helter Duarte, expressly traveled to Los Angeles where he is shooting his first Hollywood movie, entitled 'Breaking Through', director John Setnam.
Other sources have said that the rupture was caused by jealousy and by the refusal of Neymar to marry the short term, thus contradicting the actress who, in recent statements, he confessed that his future plans passed by marriage to a maximum of four years.
"I will continue working, but I'll live with my husband and be a mother of twins. My biggest dream was always to be a mother," said one Bruna also confessed that the courtship with Neymar was taken "very seriously and have a commitment."

The former Pirlo: topless beach sweet vendetta

It seems that the girls surrounding Andrea Pirlo's always hunt topless. That's what happened to your current partner, Valentina Baldini, a few weeks ago and the same thing happened to his ex-wife, Deborah Roversi, just a few days ago.
If the current partner player Juve caught Ibiza, where they spent the holiday after the World Cup, the former the immortalized on the beaches of Miami, where he is enjoying life with a group of friends.
And it is far from being affected by the divorce, Deborah everything is going ahead since the Brescia court ruled that Pirlo has to pay a pension of 55,000 euros per month. After twelve years of marriage, infidelity, no doubt, has left him a note to Deborah, and Pirlo for a pretty penny. A sweet vendetta ...

The Wags monopolize the Top 10 of the most attractive

The consultant Personality Media has released its new rankings this 2014 with 10 famous and attractive summer famous in Spain.
In the top 10 female, who heads Vanessa Romero, is neither more nor less than four Wags. It is Edurne girlfriend De Gea, second: Pilar Rubio girlfriend Sergio Ramos, fourth: Helen Lindes girlfriend Rudy Fernandez, sixth and Cristina Pedroche, it was girlfriend Miguel Torres and we include also for being a stalwart Ray in tenth.
Completing the list of bellezón Kira Miró (third), Amaia Salamanca (fifth), Blanca Suarez (seventh) Anna Simon (eighth) and Elsa Pataky (ninth).
The voting was tight as Vanessa Romero reached 8.49 while Edurne stood very near the lead with 8.42.
To celebrate its inclusion in the ranking, nothing better than watching a gallery of each of the four Wags.

Spicy trial with two former girlfriends ... Neymar

Um ensaio com duas manequins que fazem delirar qualquer adepto de futebol (foto )
Patricia and Carol Jordane Aranches have been in several news stories. With a common denominator: Neymar. Or more. These two Brazilian dummies who've had cases with the Barcelona playmaker decided to join for a trial that could be said, very bold.
A production double with two models that have never hidden his passion for football. Moreover, this was the theme that served as theme for a production conducted by Paparazzo.

Deh Alves, the new galactic Real Madrid

Deh Alves vai realizar um ensaio fotográfico em Madrid (foto )
Deh Alves, the muse who represented Portugal in the World Brazil, opted for now ... change colors. The mannequin, which also gained media attention for an alleged affair with the goalkeeper Beto selection, which revealed the club of his heart. Lives in Spain and goes by the name of Real Madrid, the club where they play the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Fabio Coentrao.
«From the World that won thousands of fans on instagram. So I became a galactic ... Besides Portuguese also greatly admire Di Maria, a great player, "said the AA BALL fantastic brunette who, interestingly, was recently invited to do a photo shoot in Madrid next month:
"It will be a unique experience. I am eager to know the city. I also hope to have the opportunity to watch a game of Real. It is a unique club! ».