Thursday, 14 August 2014

Patrick Kluivert and Rossana again for the altar

Rossana and Patrick Kluivert yesterday reaffirmed their wedding vows in Las Vegas. The couple has put a picture of the ceremony in A Little White Wedding Chapel, one of the most famous wedding chapels of the American gokmekka on the Internet.

On the picture you can see how the brunette and former footballer kissing each other. He in tuxedo, she in a white wedding dress, complete with veil and a white rose in her hands. On January 28, 2008, the two in the Netherlands officially got married. Rossana and Patrick, who have five children, looking back on a rough period. The stylist was told last year that she has lymphoma. The next two years Rossana still every 3 months a maintenance treatment. 

"Sylvie and Sabia buddies again to Damian '

UPDATE It seemed impossible, long time but Sylvie Meis and Sabia Engizek are seen laughing together in Hamburg. The two have , according to De Telegraaf bury the hatchet. The reason is the 8-year-old son of Rafael and Sylvie, Damian.

Sylvie (left) and Sabia in better times, during a filpremi̬re in March 2013ʩ epa.

Damian would have serious difficulties coping with overt quarrels of his mother and the girlfriend of his father, Rafael van der Vaart. Those arguments seems finally come to an end, the newspaper writes. 

Sylvie and Sabia decided together that it was enough. No public reproach, but a normal contact.