Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pope Francisco will host Maradona, Ojeda and Dieguito

Everything is happiness in the family of "Ten." Along with his wife and young son, will travel to the Vatican to meet with His Holiness and participate in the "Friendly for peace". On television, Veronica spoke of the imminent departure of his love and the confusing episode that lived the weekend.

"We went to see Panam because Dieguito loves. Upon departure was crowded and this man was taking pictures, I winked and then Diego got and what happened happened. No wonder Diego is jealous, always it was me. continue chatting with him, piecing things are fine, "said the blonde slap on the football star gave a man who" made eyes "to her.

Later he added: "We're going to see the Pope on September 2 After traveling to see whether or not Dubai, but my son will have to be followed there.".

Fanny sexy and alone. Crisis with Balotelli?

It 's still swell between Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha. The two, there are rumors on Twitter, they would once again going through a time of crisis after the marriage proposal and theholiday in the United States . The last shot together was three weeks ago.
And last Sunday seems to confirm the rumors: the couple separated again. SuperMario spent the rest days granted by Inzaghi with his brother Enock, while the Belgian model has "offered" to her fans with some hot photos on Instagram.

Bendtner and Zangenberg split up

One of Denmark's most celebrated pair Nicklas Bendtner and Julie Zangenberg have split. This confirms the couple's publicity agent tonight.

Actress Julie Zangenberg and footballer Nicklas Bendtner have split after nearly three years of kæresteri.

It reveals the couple's per-agent Elisa Happiness in a press release this evening.

- Actress Julie Zangenberg & footballer Nicklas Bendtner in the last few weeks working toward that they no longer have to be lovers.

After nearly three years compared to their lives and careers are not compatible and therefore they decided to break up and are no longer a couple.

The couple do not want to comment further on the break and their private decision, and they hope both on the press to understand their plight, says happiness.

Nicklas Bendtner and Julie Zangenberg found by all accounts together in November 2011 after Bendtner had watching Julie in "night shift" - and liked what he saw.

- The next day do I get text messages and e-mails from a lot of people that I've worked with that Bendtner will have my phone number. And yes, obviously no ... to start with, has Zangenberg told to See & Hear .

And so it went fast. Already the following month confirmed the footballer its alignment in an open letter in connection with one of his many escapades.

The break according Lykke been underway for a few weeks, but you have no more than two weeks left until everything is joy and gammen between the two jet-setters. At least if we are to believe their social media.

On Zangenbergs blog says not a word about the bride. Last post is about the actor's work on the TV series "Heartless" and as late as July 27 wrote the slim Julie following in a post on her relationship to health and fitness:

- My boyfriend spends about 6 hours a day of training. Also on weekends. It gives you some kind of motivation;)

Before the two came together, was Nicklas Bendtner lovers with TV Baroness Caroline Fleming, as he has his son Nicholas with.

Julie Zangenberg has among others been dating the singer Rasmus Seebach and comedian Michael Wulff.