Thursday, 7 August 2014

Marika Fruscio dreamed triumph of Naples

Marika Fruscio-100-OK- followers know it too well. Marika Fruscio is called and is undoubtedly one of the hottest fans Naples. Staunch follower of the Italian club, this starlet has no doubt do anything for his team ...
And when we say ... anything, no exaggeration. Marika has different striptease starring in honor of his Naples when a party or has won a major title. So far, he has made no promises about the game today to face his own club, but we are sure you will not miss.
The showgirl also breathes quiet because the team has managed to retain Benitez Higuaín and Callejón, object of desire ... several clubs and also his. They are his favorite players.Argentine and made him an indecent proposal and the Spanish came to undress.

'Old-prof Vanenburg suspected of threatening ex-wife'

Former professional football player Gerald Vanenburg is suspected of threatening his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. It reports Omroep Brabant .

Vanenburg, who played for include Ajax, PSV and the Dutch national team, and in 1988, Orange became European champion, was on May 3 night held in Eindhoven Stratum. At the police station, the 50-year-old former professional football player, nicknamed pennant, detained for several hours for questioning. 

The police came in action after a report of a smashed window at the home of his ex-wife. Vann Burg would have threatened. Through the window in his squat and the new boyfriend of his former wife The man has made this declaration. The ex-wife filed a report, and of destruction and threat.

Is the love between Ojeda and Maradona over?

Following rumors that a big fight between Veronica and Diego, the story of happy family seems to have collapsed. However, the blonde decided to publicly express what passes between them.

Through a video that sent the production of "Infama" where it sees thesoccer star by feeding her little son, Ojeda made ​​it clear that they are still together and happy.

Maradona will travel to Dubai in a few days and if the relationship is still going strong, and your partner will accompany Fernando Dieguito.

End of mystery!