Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Victoria Beckham sells his 'wardrobe' to help mothers with HIV

The former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has emptied her closet and auctioning off now 600 pieces of clothing, where the money should go to people affected by HIV mothers.

Are you the glitz and glamor, fashion website THE OUTNET.COM worth keeping an eye out for between 20 and 25 August. In the small weeks run a special auction for the stack.

In cooperation with the support organization 'mothers2mothers' (m2m) working to decrease the infection of HIV between mothers and their babies, sells home unique 600 private garments from the former Spice Girl and current designer Victoria Beckham.

Everything from dresses star has worn on the red carpet of jewelry she received from her husband David Beckham stylish stilettos can offer during theoutnets auction.

Victoria Beckham says she made the decision to sell off his wardrobe in nødhjælpens sign after a visit to a number of HIV-infected mothers in South Africa:

- After just a few days I had been with these amazing women and heard more about the charity project from Mich (founder of m2m, Mitch Besser, ed.) And his lovely wife, Annie Lennox, it dawned on me that I wanted to do as much as I could to help, says Victoria Beckham in a statement.

According to UNAIDS , the African sub-Saharan countries most affected by HIV. In 2013 was 24.7 million people in the region infected with HIV. Out of these, 58 percent are women. In addition, live 85 percent of all HIV-infected pregnant women in sub-Saharan region.

Kun was reacting when asked about his ex

Kun Agüero
The player left the country after a holiday with your family and your partner.Although he tried to pass unnoticed, could not escape the cameras 'AM', much less the questions Gianinna Maradona.
While at first refused to answer questions until he answered the reporter badly, finished loosening. Here the sample.

Irina Shayk says that nudity was ... Hercules 'work of art'

Irina Shayk transformou-se, agora, em estrela de cinema (foto )
It's a superstar in the fashion world, has experienced TV (the Russian version of America `s next top model) and now follows the ... cinema. Irina Shayk, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo for over three years now first comes to cinemas, wearing the skin of Megara, Greek mythological character in the movie "Hercules: The Thracian Wars'. 
During the shooting of the film, which took place in Budapest, Hungary, Russia mannequin made ​​sure to leave some images of some recordings. With a stunning beauty with long curly hair, next to the director or to other actors, the Russian side has often been 'his' Hercules, actor Dwayne Johnson - who starred among other films such as "The Scorpion King", or 'GI Joe' and it is also a superstar in the world of Wrestling (WWE). The smile Ronaldo's girlfriend, moreover, does not hide his satisfaction at the desired entry in the film industry. 
She who, moreover, during the movie, had to record some nudity. Nothing out of this world, guaranteed. Moreover, according to British publication Daily Star, Irina agreed to review these racier images. "I am a very confident woman with my body. I feel that you can record a nude scene in a different level. Being half naked in a Greek mythological character is a work of art.There is nothing ordinary ', have said the latest actress ... 

Maradona does not rest: marching another blonde!

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Maradona began the moniker of 'collector blondes'. Andafter you have broken up with his two previous girlfriends blonde Veronica Ojeda (mother of his son Diego Fernando) and Rocio Oliva (the player 30 years younger than him), had appeared a photo of her with the caramel woman with that hair color ...
But this denied the alleged relationship, something he has not done Pamela of Los Angeles, another blonde with desmpampanante kissing has appeared on the cover of the magazine Paparazzi Argentina. Is 35 and met the 'Fluff' by a mutual friend.
Above, just Pamela have had affairs with several famous and his last couple have been an Argentine footballer who played in Peru. In addition, Paparazzi reveals that Maradona has already submitted this showgirl working in a nightclub Gianinna his daughter.
They also claim that Pamela has luggage ready to travel to Dubai and settle there with Maradona ...

Erika, the bride educator and blogger Griezmann

It is time to transfer and new additions. As the players, the Wags are also subject to the vagaries of the market and have no choice but to adapt to change destination of their partners. That is what will happen to Erika Choperena, Antoine Griezmann bride, you will have to change his native San Sebastian to Madrid.
The new colchonera Wag is 24 years old, is a degree in Pedagogy and in February opened a blog, 'Cordially Erika', dedicated to fashion, his great passion. Erika has almost 5,000 followers on networks and enjoys a good reputation in France.
Your posts are translated into French and most of them looks wearing Zara. Was defined as a simple person and lover of nature and animals, although fearful confession. "I am terrified of cats, I have a fear of dogs and all animals that have feathers," he wrote in his blog.

Isco and his girlfriend Victoria, as Piqué and Shakira

Isco's girlfriend shared with his followers a tender image that looks pregnant by the Real Madrid player. Photograph reminds Piqué Shakira starred with Milan when she was pregnant back in January 2013, which served to campaign raising funds for Unicef.
Isco and Victoria Calderon will be parents next September and in the photo, in which both appear in a swimsuit holding hands and looking into his eyes, Madrid girlfriend shows her advanced pregnancy.
"A day is a day earlier," Victoria wrote with two smileys image of a baby and a heart. The Malaga is certainly one of the most discrete Wags in football. His first public appearance was almost unique in presenting Isco as Real Madrid and since reaching notoriety barely been lavished on networks where once used to publish photos with her friends.

Edurne: footballers, De Gea, necklines and orgasms

Edurne is sweeping television. After the huge success of their imitations 'Your face sounds', the singer now sweeping the program 'All is well' with Four Xavi Rodriguez.
Their good work, but also their necklines (one-on-photo became a trending topic in Spain in early July) and occasional imitation, such as that performed by Shakira in the last issue, helped batiera this audience records.
"I'm really enjoying. Entire team are a pineapple and the truth is that this is not working, with how well you spend it. It's like hang out with your friends, comment on the things of the day, laugh and have fun, "says Edurne, who was interviewed by The Other Report.
On this occasion, did not hesitate to talk about her boyfriend, the keeper of United David de Gea."Of course I want him to play here. Whenever you are closer, the better. In any case, I support him in everything and want the best for him. Also, Manchester is not that far, I have spent many years going back and forth. "
Edurne confessed that the players do not put. "Well, to me it just seems sexy one. The remaining players, half and half, really. "We plan on humor, the singer said that there are other things that motivate more than sex." What could be better than an orgasm? Definitely get on a stage. It's a feeling that fills me very much and that everyone should try once because it's a real rush. "