Wednesday, 30 July 2014

"Sylvie Meis left Germany for the Netherlands'

Sylvie Meis return in the foreseeable future to the Netherlands. The Telegraph writes that the ex-wife of Rafael van der Vaart living in Germany has plans to return to live in Amsterdam.

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"Sylvie is looking for a safe penthouse at the Zuidas, high above the city, or a building in Southern Amsterdam. But it must in any case be a house whose walls stand up and further airframe is because it has "a rather strong taste in home furnishings, reports a source close to the presenter. 

Rafael van der Vaart, father of her son Damian, according to the source is not yet aware of Sylvie's plans."The two have lost touch. At most, via a text message on when Damian from his father to his mother and back again. But usually goes also agree it through the nanny. Rafael takes the phone for months not for her. " 

According to the initiate of the Telegraph, the 36-year-old Sylvie already miserable months in Hamburg. "She has the feeling of living in a snake pit.She has some friends, but after some bad experiences lately they really trust anyone anymore. Harassment, betrayal and outright humiliation she has endured. But the fun is on it. Rather, they would live in the Netherlands and working in Germany. And that is going to happen now. "

Picante 2.0: Dew Oliva and a cautious message to Veronica Ojeda

The former girlfriend of Diego Maradona prefers silence after the complaint which ended in his arrest. However, through the social network of 140 characters expressed his opinion to "retweets" and even slipped a spicy comment after the last occurrence of "ten" that concerned their daughters.
Through Twitter, Dew eco Oliva a follower's comment was made ​​to review the state in which it saw Maradona after a dinner with Veronica Ojeda. Recall that their daughters were upset with this that portrayed the last technician glasses image.
"Do not be taken to drown your sorrows because you can not be with the woman he wants?" Slipped a follower of Oliva, and she took care to give him a "retweet" your account.

Serena Williams said after his discomfort

Serena Williams le 19 juin 2014
 For the first time since his worrying malaise at Wimbledon, Serena Williams was keen to explain in an interview with USA Today during the Bank of The West Classic.
Discomfort Serena Williams for Wimbledon was very worried. I must say that the tennis player was unable to play as she was about to play a doubles match with his older sister Venus Williams. During an interview with USA Today during the Bank of The West Classic, Serena Williams spoke for the first time this discomfort. "I was very, very sick," said the tennis player, adding that she had been forced to stay in bed for three days after her discomfort and she was instructed not to travel. Serena Williams has also said it would undergo more medical tests once the season is over to be sure that this malaise does not hide anything.
Serena Williams also said she had not realized how much she was sick at the time. "After my match against Cornet, I did not feel well and things went from bad to worse. I'm not out of bed before the game, I felt horrible. And after the game I have not eaten, I did not drink, "said the young woman. Since this incident, Serena Williams took a vacation in Croatia history recover. Not only tennis player rested during the holidays but she continued to train every morning to get into shape. Today, Serena Williams says she feels "very good".

Wanda Nara pregnant? Icard is furious and denied on twitter

Wanda Nara is not pregnant Mauro Icard. To speak of a hypothetical pregnant ex-wife's Maxi Lopez, now tied at the Inter, was her father . 

"We hope that this time is female," he said to the man 'Diary Cuatro Ventos'. 

A few hours later, however, it was the same Icard to clarify. Not without a little 'annoyance and anger. "I do not understand how a person who does not speak with the rest of us for two months be allowed to spread such news! And 'a crazy thing .. Inventing is free," wrote the Argentine striker on twitter. And so,for the second time in just over a month , you can turn off the chatter on the latest gossip about Mauro and Wanda: a possible son.

The new nude Sophie Reade, former Balotelli

As you know, you despite the instability of their relationship, Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha still retain a wild romance that surprisingly seems to be getting better. Undoubtedly, the Belgian model has penetrated deeply into your heart, even before there were other ladies as lush also won the Milan player, such as the burning of Sophie Reade.

Some will remember for being the woman who fell into drugs following the break with SuperMario and others remember the topless made a while ago and I also show in Well, as it still existed someone who did not have it located on your radar for any of these two cases, we are convinced that not will forget from now on, because in this day we are going to show the last nude has made this buxom blonde goddess.

And the tremendous Sophie Reade has taken it off again, this time for the July issue of the journal Zoo Magazine. However, we must remember that this amazing blonde just 25 springs has boasted of curves well recognized in various magazines, such as Playboy and even Nuts ...