Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Serbia is not only Novak Djokovic. There are also ... Dobrojevic

Stanija Dobrojevic, uma manequim sérvia que rivaliza no mediatismo com Djokovic (foto )
Novak Djokovic is one of the true sports references globally. There is much that has become a symbol of Serbian sport. But success does not end at this fabulous athlete. There are also other interesting features. One is certainly Stanija Dobrojevic much media dummy enters the gallery of the most beautiful on the planet.
Since Playboy, FHM, Maxim, this dummy has been the main face of various campaigns and men's publications. Their relationship began to sport, especially for a case with Adem Ljajic had young Serb promise that is part of the squad of Rome (Italy). A sporadic romance that still caused quite a stir. Today we show some of the reasons why it is worth visiting Serb lands ...

Gio and his former argue over a video that appears drunk

Villarreal player Giovani Dos Santos and his girlfriend, singer Belinda, have been involved in a public fight via twitter that has led them to be trending topic in Mexico. It began when the Mexican singer, born in Madrid 24 years ago, an old retuiteara video that the player appeared drunk after a party in Acapulco.
This bothered retweet Giovanni, who immediately reproached Belinda their action through the network. "@ Belindapop is easy to make mistakes in life, but it will not take advantage of an old video. I've always been a gentleman with you. QDTB ".
Belinda was quick to respond. "I do not know if it's current or old, but I have not stopped sending me, all sides are rather take care of the people you are; all I feel is sadness. Hope you follow her going just as well as it looks. Blessings. "
Following comments, Giovanni replied to Belinda. "I see that I still strange ...", prompting a new tweet from the singer. "Blessed are loved and lovers and those who can do without love. Borges ... Blessings? "
"I would also love Borges" wrote Giovanni to settle an argument that in addition to the characters, put the writer as trending topic.
Here you can see the video below discord and a gallery of Belinda.

Xipolitakis no truce: "The team players wanted me joy"

The Greek was embroiled in a scandal after rumors that they assumed his affair with Pocho Lavezzi in Brazil while contesting the World Cup.

"The phone did not stop ringing. I called the front desk to ask if they could spend the calls of different players. Were three but I will not say names. Proficient with any wanted something but I was lifting, I saw them as a heroes. Maybe they will have a sadness and a joy wanted me but they are not going to give, "he said on" This is the show. "

Subsequently, he had no objection to send to the front man of the moment: "Lavezzi wrote me and told me he wanted to meet me but I removed it and blocked it I made ​​a bed for her to have entered the Dancing.".

Embrace Goal | Is the new girlfriend of Diego Maradona?

Diego Maradona has fun in the Buenos Aires night. Former footballer went to a party and was very close to a beautiful blonde, 25 years. All details.
After conflicts with Rocío Oliva , despite the alleged encounter with Veronica Ojeda , began circulating on social media a picture of Diego Maradona hugged a beautiful young blonde.

Victoria Amodeo called Eva is 25 years old and surprised to publish on their Facebook profile photo very affectionate pose with former soccer player, and rumors immediately soared.

Luly Drozdek friend, she said her acquaintances in the social network that Maradona "is a genius, and never go out with a person of the age of my dad, so just friendship."

In brown eyes and model figure, she dubbed as "India" has everything to be the new conquest father of Dalma and Gianinna.