Tuesday, 22 July 2014

'Chiquito' Eliana Guercio Romero defended and clarified all the rumors together

The keeper put the chest to the bullets and talked about everything. Alleged fights his wife, his air of diva, Rihanna and Eliana, meanwhile, clung to her man: "When I married, said that was because it was football but now I shoot up all me. " View the video.


While David Beckham was exercised in his gym last Thursday, the former PSG star left his son locked in his car in the sun for more than an hour.

David Beckham is really the ideal father as described in article length? The footballer has committed a serious odd last Thursday in Los Angeles. The episode was somewhat dented his image doting father . To keep his muscles dream "Becks" regularly visits a gym as soon as his schedule allows. That day, he left hanging around for nearly an hour his son Cruz, 9, in his big sedan.

On his return after well spent, the English beaugosse was asked by a paparazzo on the potential danger of leaving a child alone in a car in the sun with a temperature of 26 ° C. As reported by the U.S. site X17Online, David Beckham retorted that nanny was still inside him and the air conditioning on full blast. Would it not have been left to the youngest son of his house? Had they planned an output between father and son after this session sports? David Beckham did not appreciate the remark paparazzo. The English quickly slammed the door of his car before leaving the parking lot of the gym at full speed. His wifeVictoria that could lift her suspenders at home after showing such imprudence.