Monday, 21 July 2014

Wanda Nara, holidays in Croatia without Mauro Icard

Wanda Nara you can enjoy the holidays in Croatia with their children.
Ms. Icard documented on Twitter bathing in the Adriatic while her husband fatigue in Trentino orders Mazzarri.
The beautiful Argentinian but do not forget the beloved and fills him with romantic messages, in which the attacker responds with passion.

Marriage Chiellini: Alena is, Buffon is lacking

Marriage for Giorgio Chiellini, but to make noise is an absence of the highest level. That Gianluigi Buffon.

As you can read on the profile of Instagram Very true, in fact, at his wedding with the historic Carolina Bonistalli girlfriend, the defender could not greet his time at Juventus as captain in the National Assembly.

The source, in fact, reports that at the time of Buffon flew to Greece with Ilaria D'Amico to spend a short (and, as far as possible, secluded) holiday, so missing the wedding of a colleague and friend.

It is not lack of Alena Seredova, with lots of sons Louis Thomas and David Lee in tow. The Czech model had also traveled to Brazil to follow her ex-husband at the World Cup. But after spending the first few days with the children after the flop Brazilian, now their lives really begin to separate ...

Sabia feast on ice and Rafael

Rafael Van der Vaart en Sabia Engizek zijn ...
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Rafael Van der Vaart and Sabia Engizek together on a romantic vacation in St. Tropez. If you stroll along the promenade or embracing on the boat and in the water: the paparazzi loving couple lose no time in mind. After a period of mourning Sabia dares to enjoy life again. Sabia and Rafael recently had to deal with a miscarriage and football woman lost at the beginning of this month, her sister in a car accident.

Would Lavezzi has been unfaithful to his girlfriend Vicky Xipolitakis?

Time ago we introduced you to the stunning Yanina Screpante, lush Ezequiel Lavezzi girlfriend, one of the pillars of French PSG and the Argentina team. Well, despite its sculptural and irresistible figure, 'Pocho' she would not have broken the covenant of chastity that supposedly would have made Argentina's players (although Sabella had not imposed such a condition) during the World Cup in Brazil ...

But recent rumors have begun to uncover in the media say Argentine Ezequiel Lavezzi itself could have been intimate ... but not with his wife. She says she took the account: They were 33 days without intimacy. As could cut abstinence, "said the exuberant Yanina the AM program Telefe chain.

However, some media and say Lavezzi could have him be unfaithful with Vicky Xipolitakis a blonde bombshell that has already been linked to several football players. And to make matters worse, the star has thrown gasoline on the fire, "I know that many players were not finding out the number of the room where it was because we shared the same hotel," adding that Pocho "would not be the first player interested in me." Will the rumors that point to infidelity?

Eliana Guercio, the girlfriend of Sergio Romero

As you have been able we check in are a big fans of WAG's. However, it is true that with the World Cup in Brazil in between, we have made quite neglected our section of 'The Bride of ... ", which we return to the monument that has either the great Sergio Romero, goalkeeper the Argentina national football team that was instrumental in the semifinals of the world championship to tackle a couple of penalties to the Netherlands.

We refer to the exuberant Eliana Guercio, the wife of the current goalkeeper Monaco. This fiery blonde amazing curves keeper is married since 2008. Odd thing is that she, now adds 38 springs, is eleven years older than him. Together, they brought the world to a girl named Yazmin barely twenty-four months after tying the knot.

However, by far the stunning Eliana Guercio is a model, actress and showgirl Argentina prematurely debuting his career in showbiz as a baptized 'Sábado Bus' program. And from then until now, he has participated in countless television shows and has posed in numerous fashion magazines and men, which has also granted exclusive interviews ...

Maradona became the "worst nightmare" Chill Oliva

A few days ago, it seemed that Rocío Oliva and Diego Armando Maradona had taken a turn for the 'relationship' and had spent the hate friendship. The blonde reported that they had been, they had talked and everything had gone well. However, it was not a mirage, as the 'Fluff' never removed his complaint made against the blonde theft. Well, this week has been great news about ...

Basically, it turns out Rocío Oliva was arrested by Interpol when he stepped on Argentine soil after a trip to Brazil, where he had been witnessing the World. The mother of former player said before television cameras a similar situation occurred in spite of Maradona by himself: "I never thought it was going to happen, do not understand why I do these things Diego. He knows that dew did not steal anything, has no logic what he does. Why so much evil? ".

But things did not end there. And so, after a few hours prey, Dew Oliva was released in yesterday, setting off an avalanche of criticism from the blonde, who says Maradona set him up. "He brought me the ticket.You taking guesses, you realize what you did to me. I made a bed, "confessed Dew, who also said that Argentina has become his worst nightmare.


Serena Williams had scared her fans there are two weeks left the court at Wimbledon at the edge of discomfort. They reassure the American tennis player has perked up while on holiday in Croatia.

Serena Williams has decided to let his racket in his bag for a few days. The world number one tennis is offered this week holiday in Croatia when it should align the tournament inBastad, Sweden, where she was defending champion. She preferred to sunbathe under the Mediterranean sun and make shopping trips to Pula on the Adriatic Sea. Accompanied by his family, the U.S. has had a good time as shown in the pictures she posted on her Instagram account.

Serena Williams is visibly present his seed health that concern the world of the little yellow ball there Wimbledon fortnight. At the beginning of a doubles match with his older sister Venus,the youngest of the Williams had felt very bad to the point of not being able to hit the ball. The sisters withdrew and Serena had mentioned a virus.

Former tennis champion Martina Navratilova did not believe this version of the athlete and is not hidden to say. Rumors spoke of a possible pregnancy or separation with his coach,Patrick Mouratoglou French, who had a strange reaction on the day of discomfort Serena in London. He said he had not seen for two days while she was still competing in the London grass.

The tricolor coach gave points on this week i columns Tennis Magazine: "At no time was there any question that we stop our work We had many hours of discussions and we went back to. job. Today she is in a state of mind where she wants to train hard to come back strong. " All signals are green forSerena Williams to return even stronger on the circuit in the coming weeks.