Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dani Alves and Carvalho Thaisa, late game

It seems that Dani Alves is not having a good year, as things have not gone too well either in the field or even in professional staff. As a player, you have had a blank year title and humiliation in the World Cup in Brazil at the hands of Germany (as well as being supplied by Maicon in recent games), while in the field of love has seen its relationship with Thaisa Carvalho just broken.

This was announced by the player himself through his media team. "[Dani Alves] is single after two years of a love that surpassed the distance of an ocean. Despite the breakup, still thinks Thaissa is an amazing woman. Remains a cordial friendship, admiration and best wishes for their future, "says the letter.

Meanwhile, the very Thaisa Carvalho has also confirmed the separation, while adding that "Daniel is a great guy, genuine, exemplary parent family and a good person. Now he's my friend. A relationship can also finish with respect and with love. Now we have different dream. Mine are here in Rio and yours, in Barcelona. What remains today is a lot of love and respect, "he noted.

So far, they have not transcended the official reasons for the breakup, but some have already pointed in the Brazilian press that result from jealousy Actress respect themselves. Moreover, some say even Dani Alves had begun an affair with Fernanda Penido a showgirl with which has been allowed to see the social networks ...

'Boosted sales, "says Patricia Jordane action on Neymar to prevent movement of Playboy

The star claims that was never involved with the student and says the cover story of the magazine "The brunette who charmed Neymar" is a liar

Patricia Jordane still causing controversy. Involved in a legal battle with Neymar because of the June issue of Playboy magazine, which stamp the cover with the call "The brunette who charmed Neymar," the student of dentistry agreed to pose for a sexy test proposed by column Portraits of Life , newspaper Extra, and played with the lawsuit filed by playmaker. 

- I was not upset, quite the contrary. His attitude to boosted sales - she told the publication. 

At 21, Patricia said she took a liking to modeling career. Despite claiming that earns a generous allowance from his father, who helps her keep in Rio de Janeiro without working, the student told us that the money you have earned as a model is helping to realize the dream of homeownership. 

- The cache of Playboy will help buy an apartment - assured the brunette, who want to complete college. 

Also in the photo, the girl identified as former alleged affair Neymar said he is single, but maintains mystery to talk about the heart: 

- Tô happy - she says that if you feel effortlessly sexy summarized.

"Sabia wants despite public call Sylvie no reunification '

Sylvie Meis called after the death of sister Sabia Engizek 'that they had to stop each other to make life miserable. " She gave it her best for to do so in the future, but according to an insider at Story Sabia here has absolutely no need for. "Sabia wants nothing to do with Sylvie."

"Sylvie will absolutely believe they will find it heartbreaking for the family. But the public call to Sabia them to stop with each other. Life miserable That can not be taken! Seriously, according to the source in front of the blade. 

She explains that the call would not be Meis. More than a charm offensive"Sylvie says this is likely to continue. Crowd favorite"

Rocío Oliva and Maradona? Reconciled?

After order capture and harsh accusations of theft, soccer star would have fallen back to the feet of the blonde, who sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers and invited to dinner.

When air "Diary of Mariana" Oliva said: "He sent me some beautiful roses, you know that I love were having dinner, we know that we love While we are together and we separated he always has open the doors of my house..."

Meanwhile, in "BDV" Dalma Maradona had no pity: "I do not believe anything Dew, was not good when my Dad accused rapper called me apologizing but I do not care about your excuses, people do not believe him. ".

To be continued ...


After the effort, the comfort! The 2014 World Cup ended, the stars of world relax in the sun. Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli or Karim Benzema, the time is now to vacation!

The 2014 World Cup is over ! The victory of Germany against Argentina marked the end of the competition. The tournament now over, the heroes of the World Cup will give a few days of rest before joining their respective clubs for the season 2014/2015. However, some players have not waited for the competition to go on vacation! Eliminated from the group stage,Cristiano Ronaldo was comforted in Mykonos , where he was joined there a few days ago by his girlfriend, Irina Shayk .Mario Balotelli has meanwhile preferred to relax in sunny Miami, where he was seen at the beach beside his fiancée, the lovely Fanny Neguesha . Wayne Rooney has also put his bags in the United States, Las Vegas specifically.

The time is also holidays for the Blues. New little darling of Team France , Antoine Griezmann left a few days in Turkey where he sits with the family. Family Vacation also Yohan Cabaye , who take these few days off to relax with his two daughters. Votedbest hope for the 2014 World Cup, Paul Pogba celebrates his reward in the pool, as Karim Benzema , who waterfront enjoys these few days of holiday in the sun! Well deserved for the Blues who now seeks Euro 2016 holiday!

Shakira and Hummels, players rose Surf World Cup in Brazil

Although the World Cup in Brazil has ended, still becoming known regarding different world championship it won last Sunday news Germany. The first and most important of them is the rumor about the possible pregnancy Shakira again. Turns out Gerard Pique's girlfriend, who starred in the lead up to the tournament final show, was seen in the ceremony with a wrap dress which aroused the curiosity of many.

That's why they started to say that the beautiful Shakira might be expecting their second child, but if not, we would be questioning her belly and hence her figure back. The fact is that the next album will not come out of the Colombian market through 2016 as she announced, so it seems to have a long rest period ahead ...

But Barca WAG has not been the only one who has made headlines after the World Cup in Brazil. So has Mats Hummels, tournament winner with Germany. It turns out that despite having girlfriend Cathy Fischer as the central showed his joy at having met Adriana Lima: "World Champion in the Top 10 of the Golden Ball and have met Adriana Lima in vivo. Three things I thought would never happen. I have to figure out which is best of the three. " We have it right ... right?