Friday, 11 July 2014

Dolores Aveiro attempted abortion when pregnant with CR7

Mother of CR7 released biography, which makes surprising revelations. This Sunday you can read an exclusive interview on "News Magazine"

Mother Courage. This is the title of the biography of Dolores Aveiro, written by Paul Costa and Sousa hit bookstores on Thursday. In the book, the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he wanted an abortion when she was pregnant the Portuguese playmaker, but the doctor did not support the decision.

In one of the passages in the book, the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo reveals that when she became pregnant the current Real Madrid player even tried to get an abortion because he had at the time, 30 years, and was the mother of three children, Hugo, Elma and Katia.

"I wanted an abortion, but the doctor did not support me in the decision," he says, adding that without the support of health professionals, opted for a homemade recipe: black drink warm beer and run up the body does not endure. But it did not work and eventually lead to pregnancy and later gave birth to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Also the origin of the son of the captain of the national team, Cristianinho, is approached by Dolores in the book. The Madeiran explains how CR7 knew wanted to be a father. "I have a son and want it to be the mother to help me educate you and give you love like you did with me and my brothers.'s Mother baby will never be known," announced his Advanced Real Madrid. And Dolores was to go to the other side of the Atlantic to pick up his grandson. "

A woman in the U.S. was supporting your body's first child Ronaldo (...) Until the day the grandmother Dolores tighten the belt flight that led to Florida "arrived, it reads.

His childhood, the pain of breast cancer and the difficulties that went along the other life are the themes of "Mother Courage". Tomorrow you can read in the magazine "News Magazine", coming out with JN, an interview in which Dolores speaks bluntly about the biography. "I agreed to do this book because I thought I could pass an example to others. And the Ronaldo said he knew very well what was going to say," stresses the progenitor of CR7.

Maria Sharapova Bikini Pics -- Mexico + Hot Bod = EXCELENTE!!!!

Tennis goddess Maria Sharapova has found the perfect place to nurse her Wimbledon wounds -- MEXICO ... relaxing in a smokin' hot bikini with her tennis star boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov

The two were catchin' some rays by the pool and sippin' on drinks -- forgetting all about Maria's early exit at the tourney earlier this month. 

In other news, Maria's been gettin' some heat over her candy company, Sugarpova --  with some critics saying it promotes obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Yeah, we're not seein' that ... 

Former Ajax player Vermaelen has finest players woman World

Polly Parsons by visitors named the most beautiful woman of the World Cup players. The English friend of Thomas Vermaelen defeated in the finals of the German Lena Gercke.

Thomas Vermaelen. © Belga.

In total there are more than 30,000 votes cast. The 30-year-old Polly Parsons defeated successively Michela Quattrociocche, Gabriella Lenzi and then came face to face with our own Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau. In the semifinals She won in the final 58 percent of the votes of its German counterpart, Lena Gercke, players wife of German midfielder Sami Khedira. 

The 30-year-old Polly Parsons is an actress, lingerie model and presenter of BBC3 program The Real Hustle. Two years ago she had a relationship with the Belgian defender Arsenal, Thomas Vermaelen. Last year they had a son together, named Raff.

    Axelle Despiegelaere becomes a model through the World

    Without any doubt, the World Cup in Brazil is generating a host of news from the most peculiar and surreal, such as that which has starred Marlen Doll, who has decided to take advantage of the great media competition to promote free sex depending on the results. Well, it turns out that this week unveiled a new curious following this tournament.

    And the beautiful Axelle Despiegelaere, a Belgian young man just 17 years, has turned around his life thanks to the World Cup in Brazil, since the firm L'Oreal has signed to perform one of their campaigns.The company noticed her during the match between Belgium and Russia and has decided to give an opportunity to become a model. His face painted with the flag set Courtois, Hazard and company and accompanied by a Viking hat, appeared in countless media after the news agencies portray.

    And his media pull (his followers on Facebook have grown exponentially) has led to bet on L'Oreal Axelle Fine Despiegelaere, a young pearl canterana has already accepted the proposal of this brand of cosmetics. Such has been its success that has been forced to lock their Twitter for the amount of marriage proposals she has received in the last hours. Here I will leave you with a catch ... It's beautiful!

    U.S. poses beside his wife and jokes: 'That big ass and I having fun'

    After participating in the World Cup with the United States, Jermaine Jones showed that half is having a great time during free time. The player is still on vacation, and has published photo of passing time with his wife, Sarah, during rest.Jones also played with the "curves" of his wife.

    - This big ass and I having fun - published in the American Instagram.

    The United States left the World Cup in Brazil in the quarter-final after 2-1 defeat to Belgium, in overtime. The athlete enjoys the last days of vacation before you resubmit to Besiktas, Turkey.

    World Cup 2014: Sergio Romero woman to lend her husband for a week Rihanna

    • The wife has backed goalkeeper if Argentina wins the World would pay the keeper to the singer for a week.

      Sergio Romero's wife, Eliana Guerico, surprised with a promise a bit risky. The Argentina model has promised to pay her husband singer Rihanna for a week if Argentina wins the World Cup 2014.

      It all started with a publication of the singer in the first match of the Albiceleste in this World Cup, in which he said that "Romero is on point." A comment to the Romero's wife did not answer all the World.

      Nevertheless, the Albiceleste victory on penalties with Romero as the figure of the hero of his team against Holland changed his mind to Eliana. After the semifinal, the star made his bet on social networks. If Argentina wins, is to see if Rihanna accepts the proposal. Which still has not acted is Sergio Romero, Argentina for which all hopes that this commitment is an element of motivation to be champion.

    Colombia in World eighths. With the help of Angela?

    Ângela Serna uma manequim que dá brilho à seleção da Colômbia (foto )
    Born May 27, 1988 in Colombia. Was given to know the world of fashion. The media attention crossed borders through social networks accounting for more than 15,000 followers on his official Twitter account. Answers almost all posts. The task has been, however, very complicated in recent days. Especially after a photographic production in which he sought to show all your support, your passion for the Colombian national team in the World.
    A test of this sexy mannequin that stands out for his charisma, sensuality and numerous campaigns blue jeans. Notes wherever you are present. She that in addition to motor sports, vibrates with all the emotions of football. Whether clubístico level, América de Cali (Colombia) or by its selection this Thursday already stamped a passport to the eighth-finals of the World.
    Quintero will, Jackson, James Rodriguez and company had the opportunity to see these photos before meeting with Ivory Coast? Only they will know answer, but it would be a significant help, it would be ...

    Wanda Nara complaint Maxi Lopez physical violence

    It had been several days since we heard about the tremendous Wanda Nara. Well, there is tremendous news of the blonde, since his return to Argentina, Argentina tremendous WAG has not only married to Mauro Icardi but has starred in a new confrontation with Maxi Lopez, the father of her children.

    Turns out the lush Wanda Nara has decided to file a complaint with the Justice for "physical violence", as has transpired in the Argentine media. Was the journalist Angel Brito has announced that the blonde has decided to take legal action against the 'Hen', who is accused of abuser. "The complaint was made orally by Wanda on April 3, 2014."

    Also, the reporter noted that there would have been an act of aggression against her and her mother. "In this case detailing how were the acts of violence against Wanda Nara and not only against her, but against her mother Nora, who was also a victim of violence."

    And it added that even "after divorce, Maxi Lopez continued violent behavior." In fact, as reported, Maxi Lopez told Wanda Nara "bitch, I'll break your head, I'll kill you." And if that were not enough, "whenever searching for his children, assaulted with insulting phrases and contempt." Will have to see how the case proceeds and what is the resolution of the same ...