Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Musa causes of Argentina: "Neymar is a boy who thinks he plays»

Renata Alves, a brasileira que representa a Argentina no Mundial (foto )
Sensual and bold. Thus presents Renata Alves, a native of Ceara, one of the most stunning muses of this World. This blonde, 1.78 meters, has a responsibility to defend the competition in Argentina. Have defended the colors of São Paulo, the Paulista championship in Muses, but declared himself now a passionate Argentine people, their culture and of course, football. As for the best in the world, Renata has no doubts. 
"Messi is the biggest and the best player in the world. Neymar is just a boy who thinks he plays, "said the dummy ... it is confident of a presence on the end of your selection. Moreover, recently, as a way of paying homage to Argentina, made ​​a very bold production which appears just wrapped the flag selection of Messi and company. 

The three bombastic revelations Jessica Lopes

Jéssica Lopes é uma manequim que está a fazer furor no Brasil (foto )
Jessica Lopes is a famous Brazilian mannequin that stood out with the participation in the reality show 'Casa Bonita'. A presence that immediately, earning him numerous photo shoots for brands huge success. This dummy, main face in various men's magazines, is also a fervent supporter of the Vasco da Gama club he has been elected as Musa. In time World, Jessica Lopes also could not help but join in the discussion as one of the most sought after women in various interviews. 
Well, in this context, one of the last appearances, Jessica Lopes made ​​not least, and at once, covered several topics. They all obviously bold and ... controversial. 
The first concerns the Brazilian national team. On the table, a promise: "If Brazil is champion shot a sweater for a photo shoot ... 'assured this dummy who did not hide his admiration for a well known Portuguese player:' The Hulk. I have a fetish with male butt and it was voted the most beautiful in Brazil. " 
But it did not end here and Jessica Lopes also revealed a relationship with a Brazilian international: "I have no problem talking. The only player who has been with striker Neymar. " 

Da News and World ... is going undressing!


Sara Carbonero (Spain), Vanessa Huppenkothen (Mexico), Inés Sainz (Mexico), Jale Berahimi (Costa Rica) and Alejandra Buitrago (Buitrago) are some of the sexiest journalists who are covering the World ...
And ... we have told them throughout the championship and we have shown their sexiest pictures, but ... you imagine giving the news in their half naked chains? For that is what they do in Venezuela.
Specifically in the news Stripping the program in which the presenters will removing clothing as recounted, for example, the pre-Argentina Belgium with images of Messi and Maradona in the background. And the truth is that insurance viewer learns very little of what you are explaining ...
We'll see what it takes to get our country to this unique way of giving the news, sure will. The question is which string is first dare. ? Telecinco, Antena 3 and La Sexta be ...?
Unfortunately we can not offer you the videos on your Youtube because the original version was removed. The censored version is available only.