Monday, 7 July 2014

Tears and passions of the World Cup in Brazil

Without any doubt, this World Cup Brazil being the most exciting. And not only by the greatness of own tournament itself, which is very exciting, but also by the cluster of sensations that live around them. Some of them are of joy and others of great sadness, as in the case of the tremendous Bruna Marquezine.

Neymar's girlfriend suffered much or even more to crack Barca injury occurred and canariha during the match against Colombia. In fact, she was seen down to the locker room and photographed crying inconsolably when he saw his boy was taken to hospital on a stretcher Sao Carlos, overwhelmed by the potential severity of injury.

Another WAG's who also cried during this World Cup in Brazil has been the beautiful Alejandra Buitrago.This sexy journalist who can be considered one of the hottest tournament, suffered the painful loss of the selection of Colombia to Brazil as did James Rodriguez himself, especially after competing in such a brilliant way.

And finally, after so much sadness, we'd better say goodbye with a smile speaking to you news of new programs that have launched in Venezuela to cover the World Cup. It's 'Stripping the news', a small news newscast collecting championship a somewhat risque. And its very ligerita reporter gives clothes ... even too much news. Here you have the relevant video ... These are the tears and passions of the World Cup in Brazil.