Friday, 4 July 2014

World's most rugged Boateng and Melissa Satta

Kevin Prince Boateng and Melissa Satta have experienced a World Cup in Brazil a bumpy both. First, because the player of Schalke 04 would have been forced to abandon the concentration of Ghana for having a spectacular row with his teammate Sulley Muntari, with whom he shared a dressing room in Milan.

However, both players and even woman Boateng, Melissa Satta tremendous, denied the confrontation."Amazing, no fight. Only love, "said the model who exactly is the best friend of the bride Muntari. But there have not finished the related 'Satteng' news.

It turns out that the matrimonial bond between Kevin Prince Boateng and Melissa Satta finally produce this July 19 in Porto Cervo instead of next year, as revealed Chi magazine. And last but not least, the model has lush ironized about Rihanna tweets that sent his boy for the dispute of the World (encouraging him with limited success). "As the invite to sing at the wedding," said Melissa ... Here is tomato.

Manes Cup: daughter Caniggia makes everyone cheer for Argentina

The Flonópsh look for what's unusual in the world

Yeah the face (or butt) that there is chica argentina. Only the quirida brings bad memories for Brazilians. Daughter Charlotte Caniggia is hermano endemonhado that brought us out of the 1990 World Cup. 
The Galician posted the picture on Instagram . And if you think the picture offered mô pigeon, gives you just a Gugli to see what appears on the lady ... 


Language is the whip of the tail, right? The shard of Landon Donovan, considered the greatest played in the history of the United States , was cut by the coach and pulled adried. The bare wire Malhou coach Klinsmann and the team's performance: "One goalkeeper Tim Howard prevented us from being goleados by Germany and Belgium." 


Is italian soft mouth who invaded the field in the game United States v. Belgium , Arena Fonte Nova by quarter-final. The guy wore shirt superman, but the worst is this: the deigraçado bought a ticket as wheelchair! If it was Brazilian race tava already giving the whip: "could be". 

Glass War 

We usually play with the rivalry, but nearly gave the game pobrema Argentina vs. Switzerland . The TV showed evil, but war had glasses (who knows what inside)dryers between Brazilians and Argentines desperate. Then we had to give security, more tearful than encagaçado selection interview

What is and who we are 

The Manes Cup departs daily column in the journal Time Santa Catarina and is produced by legitimate manés Jorge Jr. and Rodrigo Stupp, editors Sport Time.Words in italics are the popular language of manezinhos the island, manezês, and the goal is to give a different view of the World Cup.