Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Maradona's passionate reconciliation with his ex-girlfriends

Without any doubt, the World Cup in Brazil is revolutionizing hormones Diego Armando Maradona. The 'Fluff' is not only making some of the broth to sports stars like Pele or Beckenbauer king, but even seems to have made peace with his ex-girlfriends after criticizing right and left.

First, the former footballer has spent a few days with his son Veronica Ojeda and Diego Fernando.Precisely, the Vernónica own decided to upload a picture of the three with a word that referred to the family. This has been interpreted by some Argentine media as a possible sporadic affair between the two.

But that's not all, because the first reconciliation could have led to the second. While it is true that Rocío Oliva has a warrant of arrest from Interpol for allegedly stealing money to own Maradona, the blonde and former coach would have been in a hotel for 12 hours, why not attend a television program to discuss the World.

"I went to watch the match (Argentina-Nigeria) with someone. I received a message saying 'I'm waiting'. I got quiet, I braced myself and took a taxi. He advised the hotel and went, "said hinting that he had relations with Maradona. "Love is eternal, but do not know if I will see again. It is something that will always happen. We had to see and keep talking. Much not want to tell. I'm happy, but did not stay in anything. Every time I see him, I will not tell you everything. Getting into the details is very strong. It was beautiful, all the things I heard were very cute. "

But yes, it seems that there will be no reconciliation for now. "I can not decide whether to go or not. If I send a message today, would not go because I am very tired. No it is not back yet. Unfortunately we will not return. Do not know if it was a farewell, perhaps this could happen again or not. We both have made clear that we will not return. I'm single, single, and if I want to stay one month here in Brazil, I'm going to do. But tomorrow I'll be right back to Buenos Aires, "confessed Rocío Oliva. Maradona has Menudos follones ...


Clint Dempsey is not the star player of the United States. He is also the father of three children and the husband of the beautiful Bethany.

Tuesday night, the Devils face the USA in the second round of the World Cup. Beware if the whole team, especially the danger could come from Clint Dempsey, striker Seattle Sounders MLS. The former Everton player has a reason to be motivated Tuesday evening, his wife, the lovely Bethany, will be at the stadium.