Thursday, 26 June 2014

They stripped sweater World ...

Uma seleção muito especial entre várias manequins do Mundial (foto )
It's a different selection. For better, for that matter. Many are the muses associated with teams that are participating in the Brazil World. Notices that give a greater brightness proof. Novelty is what happened last week with a selection of great beauty on one condition: no dummy could have clothes ... 
The body painted with the colors of their respective teams. England, Argentina, England, Brazil, Portugal, all selections to gain prominence in this group where there are many attributes.Images that show now and not leave anyone indifferent. To see and ... review. 

The 'honor' of Musa from Portugal to Ghana

Débora Alves fez questão de homenagear a seleção com uma fotografia ousada (foto )
Deborah Alves, the Muse of Portugal in Brazil's World Cup did not lose hope in seeing the Portuguese team in the quarter-finals of the competition. The mannequin is one of lusas adept in starting with the Ghanaians. 'Difficult is not impossible. We hope Portugal can move to the next phase. But if it does not, nothing will change the love I have for the Portuguese national team and supporters, "said the brunette to A BOLA. 
The mission, this, of course, we will be very complicated. Yet, as a way to honor and encourage players to ... the decisive encounter with the Africans, Deborah decided to take a bold picture where we can see a message "Power Portugal 'in which Cristiano Ronaldo was not forgotten.The mannequin, moreover, is also quick to say that their breasts in bold 'tribute' ... are 'true'.