Friday, 20 June 2014

Brazilian newspaper Lance! sticks knife into sorry England after World Cup debacle

Charming! Brazilian newspaper sticks knife into sorry England

Cheers for kicking us while we’re down, guys.
Brazil daily sports newspaper Lance! has taken the opportunity to mock England’s failed footballers today, taking up their entire front page.
The paper pictures Daniel Sturridge, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney and boss Roy Hodgson angrily crossing a road, in a mock up of The Beatles’ world famous Abbery Road album cover. The headline’Bye bye?’ simply adds insult to injury.
However, Metro’s eagle-eyed picture desk did spot some terrible photoshopping efforts, particularly with Hodgson’s feet appearing to sink into the tarmac. So, little victories.
Last night’s 2-1 defeat at the hands of Uruguay has put Hodgon’s men on the brink of elimination from the World Cup, leaving them to rely on Italy beating both Costa Rica tonight and Uruguay next Tuesday, to even have a vague hope of progression to the last 16.

Wayne Rooney's Wife - Bikini Beach Day ... Before England Chokes

Life's a beach ... and then your husband's team chokes in the World Cup to Uruguay -- at least that's the way the World Cup shook out for Wayne Rooney's wife.

Coleen Rooney was spotted out at a beach in Rio on Wednesday -- kicking around a soccer ball while rockin' a hot blue bikini.

Of course, the very next day ... Wayne and Team England lost a key match to Uruguay ... and now they need a miracle if they hope to advance to the next round (Italy needs to beat both Costa Rica and Uruguay, PLUS England has to beat Costa Rica).

At least she got a fun beach day out of this whole World Cup thing ... right?