Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Daniella Semaan, Antonella Roccuzzo: "I'll miss you"

Cesc will leave the club this summer is an open secret that without going further, a few days ago confirmed the unsuspecting Gerard Pique while talking to Vicente del Bosque during a press conference of the Spanish national team. And the expected return of midfielder to the Premier implies that Antonella Roccuzzo must leave without her best friend, Daniella Semaan sensual. As we have seen over recent months, the girlfriend of Leo Messi and Fabregas have fit perfectly.

And is that Antonella Roccuzzo and Daniella Semaan formed the perfect team off the field, as they used to do all kinds of plans together, something that often gave evidence in social networks. Well, it turns out that the woman had a birthday recently Cesc. And how could it be otherwise, the girl Messi has devoted an affectionate greeting, which suggests that soon separated.

"Kisses and hugs from Rosario. I am very grateful for the fact that our paths have crossed and we have made great friends. Thanks for helping me see the good in the bad. I love you, "wrote Antonella Roccuzzo, at the very Daniella Seeman replied that" I miss so much, so much to this girl "with the hashtag # tevoyaextra├▒ar. Thus, it seems clear that their friendship should be kept away from the ...

Susana Coronel, the most explosive Azzurri

After haberos presented in recent days to the muses of some more humble level record, the selections today will introduce again the muse of a national group with a long history, the almighty Italy. And the 2006 champion will be represented by the fiery and sensual Susana Coronel.

Thus, the Azzurri, who has four domestic championships in his locker, will be loud this burning model agency HR models, which is determined to get a calendar very hot tournament that starts right now.However, the explosive Susana Coronel says much trust in the possibilities of the squad led by Prandelli;so much so that it has even bought tickets for some games.

Anyway, the case is that the lush Susana Coronel is a Paraguayan model booming in recent months. And this gorgeous blonde with endless curves has already posed for several prestigious publications such as 'History', as well as other web portals recognized as is the case teleshow.

Alba Moreno, the number one fan of the United States

We followed one day later with the goddesses that make up the World Championship calendar Brazilian work done by the prestigious agency HR models, which is getting a great reputation (as is evident) in recent weeks. However, this time, time to talk about one of his goddesses throat will to encourage the United States, the burning Alba Moreno.

Broadly speaking, this beauty is one of the most reputable Paraguay mannequins, because it has more than 13 years of experience in their guild. In fact, it has posed for some very prestigious brands of lingerie, but it is also true that has posed for a few prestigious journals of the South American continent.

Not only that, but also has undressed for photo shoots for different websites. Moreover, Magazine Latino in Charlotte, explosive Alba Moreno has recently confessed that he feels a great devotion to the United States, hence it has decided to lend to wear a clingy top with the colors of the American flag ...

Carlo Ancelotti, of Wedding Crashers

As we have seen over the past few weeks, the Real Madrid has spent a year of luxurious both professionally (with the achievement of the Champions League and the Copa del Rey) as well as a personal level, as many of the Real Madrid players have made great progress as your life is concerned.

But not only some of the players have taken important steps in their lives, but also the coach of Real Madrid will meet shortly a new I finish at the end of a glorious season, since he will marry his partner, Mariann Auger McClay in barely a month in Vancouver (Canada). However, that is not the thing.

It turns out that the Italian coach is 'prepared' in a special way, has served as best man at the wedding of his daughter, Katia Ancelotti, who is married to nutritionist questioned the white club, Mino Fulco. The ceremony, which already leaked photos, was held in the Basilica of Sant Angelo in Formis and took a total of 250 guests.