Thursday, 5 June 2014

Although in Brazil the bar in terms of cracking bottoms up is ...

In the current issue of "Playboy" the World Cup is about to start with the jersey exchange. Eleven beauties have of the men's magazine can be set up.

The question remains: Why do these girls look like football? Because of the guys! Daniela Sudau (25) from Cologne: "Since I'm on muscular calves, of course, on your feet!"

Lala wins the "Pipita"

The new flame Gonzalo Higuain crazy Argentina.

"The woman who stole the heart to Pipita".
The Argentine press gossip devotes ample space to the new flame of Gonzalo Higuain, Napoli striker.
The woman in question is Lala Gadea, attractive model and TV presenter, seen on the streets of Buenos Aires with the number "9" blue.
A little 'relaxation before the adventure world, not to think of the sirens of the market that give the Argentine close to Barcelona .

Wedding in Capua for Katia Ancelotti

The daughter of the coach of Real Madrid is going to marry Mino Fulco.

It 's all ready to Capua to the marriage of Katia Ancelotti.

The thirty year old daughter of the coach of Real Madrid is in fact married with Mino Fulco in the Benedictine basilica of Sant'Angelo in Formis of the town in the province of Caserta.

From there it will move to the 250 guests at Tenuta San Domenico, luxury relais Family Of Cecio which will host the party.

On the list there is total privacy but it seems that Ancelotti could get with some of the players of Real Madrid.

Fanny pregnant Balotelli?

Mario Balotelli dad again? After Pia, the child had to Raffaella Fico, the AC Milan striker could savor the joy of fatherhood. At least so it seems from the evidence collected by the various social networks.
On his Instagram profile, the girlfriend of the tip of Brescia, Fanny Neguesha , posted the click of a belly, and later tweeted "Your name is Dream," with the image of a blue vest, baby size, with the number 9 , to Balo National, and the word "Dream".
SuperMario immediately responded on Twitter: "It was not (and it will not) be only just a Dream!" ("It was not and will not be just a dream"), ritwittando the photo of the small mesh.
The mystery deepens, but according to the followers the Belgian model would really be pregnant.