Monday, 2 June 2014

Luana Chamorro, the new muse of the 'Red'

As we said yesterday, in the coming days we will present the models of the HR agency who work realizaso linked to a fiery World Cup in Brazil . Yesterday, we introduced you to the goddess representing the hosts, the most successful set of national history, today we have to talk about the preciousness noses offering unconditional support the 'Red'.

This time we are talking about the lush and stunning Luana Chamorro, gorgeous dress that has a recreation of the Spanish zamarra in this incredible compilation video of presentation made it lush and seven other women a few days ago. Without any doubt, it is a smart woman, and goes with the holders.But not only should be on our site for supporting the Spanish team, but because an unconditional fan of Casillas and Olimpia of Paraguay also states.

So, it is obvious that the lush Luana Chamorro is an exuberant 25 Paraguayan model who feels a great devotion to the sport and football in particular. However, it is a recognized goddess in her country, as it has posed for a few prestigious publications and has also promoted various firms and lingerie.

Andrea Pirlo will pay a fortune to his ex-wife

As already announced in the day, two of the most beloved couples in Italy broke almost at the same moment. On the one hand, Gianluigi Buffon and Alena Seredova tremendous breaking their marriage after they speculate about alleged infidelity seems to have been confirmed.

On the other hand, another myth of football as Andrea Pirlo transalpine also ended his long career as married (12 years) to 'change' his wife Deborah Roversi, with whom he has two children together, a blonde who responded to Baldini name Valentina. Well, it seems that the Italian midfielder will be expensive will this 'change of stickers'.

And the Court of Brescia, which has handled divorce Andrea Pirlo and his now ex-wife, he is forced to pay him child support for up to 55,000 euros per month. Thus, his betrayal, which has been one of the most scandals treated by the Italian press in recent weeks, it will cost a fortune to Pirlo. All for love.

Nacho Ferandez marries his girlfriend

Undoubtedly, the Real Madrid and has lived an illustrious year full of joys. But not only have been Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos (who have given birth to their first child) that have touched the sky on a personal level, but so has the young Nacho Fernandez.

And the Real Madrid defender, who certainly has not enjoyed many minutes in the group led by Carlo Ancelotti, has lived this weekend one of the most special moments of your life. And the merengue squad has married his longtime girlfriend, María Cortés.

Thus, the footballer, 24 springs, has one of the most important pass wet on a personal level in a year that has been very special to him professionally, it has won as champion of the Copa del Rey and the Champions League with his team. The ceremony was attended by colleagues as Morata, Arbeloa, Isco, and even Illara Carvajal, among others.

Jennifer Ruiz, the bride of the Brazilian team

Well, now that is just a little over a week to commencement of the World Cup in Brazil, in will present one by one the models of HR agency representing some of the selections (photographer Héctor Ramos) football that will be on the world stage . On this day, we will begin by the lady host, Brazil set.

In this case, the model supports the combination of Neymar, Hulk, Marcelo and company is fiery Jennifer Ruiz Diaz, lush goddess of Paraguayan origin not only relates to the sport by his recent perched with a recreation of the bloom the 'Seleção', but also declares an unconditional fan of Cerro Porteño (as stated on his personal Twitter account.)

However, it is necessary to note that the exuberant Jennifer Ruiz Diaz is one of the most lush models of their country, because it is a fashion model with a great reputation. In fact, it has posed for various publications of South America, as is the case of the man or the Journal Impact Magazine, among others.

But not to extend more, and here I leave you with the link that you were expecting, which redirects to the burning of this incredible monument gallery ...

The former employee of Wanda and Maxi wants to be paid what you are owed

Cameras "Infama" Graciela found, the maid who had Lopez and Nara in their country of Santa Barbara, who said that it initiated legal action to collect every penny that is owed. Meanwhile, the model confessed to Marina Calabro which, in turn, paid in a timely manner at the agency where he offered the services of this lady.

Will give dating? Defender of the Brazilian team flirts with Spanish journalist in Teresopolis

Patricia Dominguez, Spanish journalist, who's been stealing the scene in Granja Comary. And who agrees is the defender David Luiz, further strengthening the PSG. The two have exchanged messages.

On Monday, a brewery in Teresopolis offered a party with all released to journalists, but Patricia did not appear.

The beautiful girl of 26 years is single for over a year after a long courtship with a Brazilian in Barcelona. And while not thinking of taking another relationship because their focus for now is work.

Sergio Ramos mark on your skin conquest by Real Madrid and now focuses on the World

Promise fulfilled. On Friday, the side of Real Madrid showed the result of his new tattoo, the cup of the Champions League in the left calf. Before the match last Saturday against Atletico Madrid, the player had promised tatuaria "La Tenth" in the case of the conquest.And so he did, since the meringues defeated adversary of the Spanish capital.

- Promise is a promise! The Champions in the skin and heart. Now we look to the World! Come on ...! - Sergio Ramos wrote.

In his right calf, the side of the Spanish team had another tattooed glass: a world champion in 2010 for his country.

Cristiano Ronaldo's sister says it was hard on him often

The sister of Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to "Sálvame Deluxe" program, the Spanish channel Telecinco, and denied that the Portuguese international was against his participation in the reality show "Supervivientes 2014".

Days after leaving the "Supervivientes 2014" Katia Aveiro in Spain gave an interview in which he spoke not only in their participation in the reality show but also of Cristiano Ronaldo. The sister of the Portuguese ace, who was nine weeks on the island of Cayo Paloma, Honduras, said CR7 "followed all the competition" and that has always supported their participation.

Katie also spoke of his childhood in Madeira and revealed that she was the one who often took told the brother, as his sister and mother were working. "I have taken many times has Cristiano and I was hard on him. It bothered me because often preferred playing soccer to do their homework," Katia says.

The singer also said that just realized that Ronaldo was "different" when "he left Madeira to go play for Sporting."

"Everyone referred to the talent of my brother and everyone wanted to work with him," he said, shooting it, though, was not surprised with the talent of football because his father and another brother also played.

In the interview, Katia Aveiro only refused to comment on the relationship of Cristiano Ronaldo with Irina Shayk the Russian dummy and the paternity of the player, and is the unknown identity of the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo Junior.