Wednesday, 28 May 2014

God save the Queen!

 Natalie Weber is our queen. The queen of the ball Rosa. Mauro Zarate's wife won the last edition of our contest Rosa Golden Ball distinguishes Wag the year. She was the 2013 and seems to have been kind.
And the great Argentina is about to embark on a new stage in her life. Mauro Zárate just signed contract with West Ham for the next three seasons and soon the couple, accompanied by her young daughter Mia, will be set in London.
The English capital is something of a mecca for Wags. There are the following carefully and indeed the Daily Mail has already devoted an article for submission to the British society, eager to know the whole environment of the players who land on the Premier.
Undoubtedly, the highlights of the first Botinera the Pope received when he played in Lazio Mauro and before returning to Argentina for military Velez, will not go unnoticed. We wish her all the best and hope that our queen sympathy and beauty conquer London. God Save the Queen!

Sara Carbonero will not take Martin to Brazil ... for now

Four years will do that kiss between Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero. It was one of the images of the South African World Cup. Well, in doors, a new World, Mediaset journalist has just confirmed that the Brazilian will not miss an appointment.
Five months after giving birth to her son Martin, Sara returns to work in what he describes as "a sweet return." You will have to make a sacrifice for the first time separated from his son Martin.
"Martin is here, at least for now, until you come to Brazil and see how is that. Later you can yes you relocate, "he said during the team presentation of Mediaset for the big event. He also stressed that "there will be very well attended" and stressed that for her "Martin is the priority."

Neymar: alliance with 45 diamonds Bruna?

Reconciliation between Neymar and Marquezine Bruna is a fact. The player himself confirmed last Sunday in a Brazilian television program and even stated that he had not come to cut in February, as published in the Brazilian media all heart.
The fact is that the player Barca confirmed they are together and in fact last week and they were spotted at the party caramel Monjardim Jayme, director of the novel 'Em family' that Bruna stars.
Before aparacer in that TV show a 'hickey' neck (supposedly work of his girlfriend) Neymar will be seen again by Bruna on Saturday night in a very caring attitude in the disco Sun Room, Santos, who belongs to Guilherme Santos, one of the best friends of the player and member of the group 'Tois'.
But some sources go further and say that the couple may already be promised or be about to do it (on the 12th is the day of lovers in Brazil). And according to the columnist Leo Dias, Neymar had already bought two alliances made with 18 carat gold and 45 diamonds, adding that they were purchased from the store 'Reis Man' from Sao Paulo with a value of nearly seven thousand dollars.
We'll see if the couple just confirmed the wedding bells or just stays at rumor ...

Wanda Nara Icardi and are now husband and wife!

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi are now husband and wife. The most controversial couple in the world of football was given the 'yes I do' on Tuesday at the civil registry of San Isidro at 1330 hours Argenrtina, in a ceremony that lasted about forty minutes.
The wedding raised expectations in Argentine media and the couple could be photographed but did not comment. Who attended the cameras itself was Wanda's mother, Nora, who said her daughter was "very happy" and that the wedding was "super fun."
Thus, the couple formalized a relationship that began in November, shortly after the separation of Wanda Maxi Lopez, who had been a classmate and friend of Mauro Icardi. Both exblaugrana are now seriously faced.
On 7 June, Wanda and Icardi, already known as the 'Wancardi', celebrate their bond with a lavish party at the Palacio Sans Souci Victoria and guests, among other things, can not enter with mobile ...

Marika Fruscio, the angel of Italy in the World

Finished the Serie A and the Coppa Italia, who won his team, Napoli, Marika Fruscio, lush Italian showgirl, has decided to focus all their attention on the selection azurra.
Waiting success Prandelli in Brazil 2014, Marika has decided to pay tribute to his. This time has not been stripped nor did a body painting but has settled with the colors of Italy pretending to be an angel and even the Italian Maria Antonieta.
The photo shoot is part of the promotion of his new TV show, 7 Gold, 'Speciale Mondiale', where daily go the way of Italy in the World Cup.

Andrea, passion blaugrana 

 Luis Enrique is winning converts to their cause, the cycle of new Blaugrana. And one of the last to join was the Peruvian model Andrea Martin, self-confessed fan of Barca and especially the Brazilian Neymar, who has a passion for and devotion to declare as

Andrea Martin is 24 years old and triumphs in his country as a model and actress in the 'Welcome Evening' program. Was also a member of the group 'The Golden Girls' and is single with no commitment after cutting with model Sebastian Lizarazaburu apparently "jealousy".

For now do not want to know "new love," he said in an interview in which he brought up the temperature by stating that "I do not know if the good or the bad habit of sleeping without underwear" ...
We leave you with a gallery where ye can not see him in that guise, but with the blaugrana shirt in a posed for