Thursday, 15 May 2014

"Bouwrel Wes and Yo is definitely lawsuit '

The judge will certainly consider the conflict of Wesley Sneijder and his wife Yolanthe with construction STB Exclusive Projects. That says director Jeroen Nuijten against website.

The company is at odds with Wes and Yo about remodeling their dream home in Ibiza. According Nuijten the two pulled the plug on the project while the work was in full swing. The director made through the courts to seize a house of the mother of Sneijder-Cabau in Hilversum, the salary of the Orange midfielder at the KNVB. 

Wesley said Wednesday in RTL Boulevard coolly that the seizure of the track was, without giving further details. Price Nuijten now reveals that the International and his partner have been issued for the amount (135 723 euro) a bank guarantee. "I'm very happy with it", let the manager know. "That gives me more security than a seizure." 

Sneijder also indicated that he did not know whether it would come to court and Yolanthe and anyway he does not lose sleep. Nuijten is convinced, however, that the story still gets a tail. "This is the deal still not resolved. It is 100 percent certain that the case will come to court. But that should determine who is right. "

"Topless" solidarity Irina Shayk criticized

The intent of the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk, was to appeal for the release of children abducted in Nigeria, but the photo you shared on Instagram is being heavily criticized.

"Inappropriate", "disrespectful", "selfish" or "insensitive" are some of the comments that fans of the Russian dummy have shared in social networks before the daring photograph by Irina appeal for the release of children abducted in Nigeria.

The image that the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo comes with a poster to cover the chest, is causing controversy, with fans accuse of doing so with the intent to shock model, since the model has shared several images in "topless ", in particular during the Olympics and recently to wish happy Easter to his followers.