Monday, 12 May 2014

"You'd better pose for Playboy»

Fernanda Colombo Uliana (25) is the latest attraction in the Brazilian league. However, the first use of the pretty line judge goes thoroughly into the pants.

On Sunday is the day: Fernanda Colombo Uliana is the game between Atletico Mineiro and Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte for the first time in the Brazilian Serie A on the sidelines.

After an insert in the cup all over Brazil waits for her debut in the first division - not only because of their looks!

In the land of World Cup reports the 25-year-old Fifa referee for some time. In Internet photos of the sexy line judge make waves (video above) worldwide.

But her debut goes thoroughly into the pants! After Curzeiro with 1:2 behind, escaped Alisson the Mineiro-defense and pulls alone on goal.

Uliana raises her flag and shows an offside position to - wrongly, as is clearly seen in the repetition.

"She's pretty, but in this job you have to be good too. If she's just pretty, she should rather pose for Playboy "to Cruzeiro sporting director Alexandre Mattos angry after the final whistle.

An allusion to the former assistant referee Ana Paula Oliveira (35), which provided in addition to wrong decisions in glossy magazines and reality shows for headlines. In 2008, she finally ended her career.

Let's hope that sexy Fernanda does not happen to the same fate because of this one error. (Rae)

    Uruguay captivated orgy after victory in Copa Libertadores

    In Uruguay, a sex scandal at Defensor Sporting Club, provides the capital Montevideo, for some commotion. After the handsome 2-0 victory last Thursday in the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores against Atletico Colombian Medellin, the players were given three hours off. That was enough for two players to organize, including prostitutes, alcohol and drugs. Veritable orgy

    Matías Ramón Arias benchwarmer Malvino and smuggled two women inside their hotel room, after which they were drunk as quickly Uruguayan media and ventured into naughty games with the women. Unfortunately for them, they let themselves be too tempted to take multiple pictures of the incident.Images that are a few days later spread quickly across the Web. The two players hangs a hefty suspension by the club over the head.