Friday, 9 May 2014

Gabriella Lenzi and Neymar: just friends or something more?

A month ago we did echo the rumors that Neymar had a
new girlfriend after breaking up with the young actress
Bruna Marquezine. Several sources indicated that having a
relationship with Brazilian model Gabriella Lenzi 20 years,
but this just deny it and says they are just good friends. Gabriela, double jet-ski champion, who is participating in the
Barcelona Bridal Week, which scrolls to Clarà Rosa, said
"Neymar has a big heart but not my boyfriend. He's my
friend, "he said. Wedding dress, Gabriella explained that Neymar met
through mutual friends and that this is his second visit to
Barcelona. "I've been in the Camp Nou. How good I am
Brazilian, I declare myself a fan of football and keep my
countrymen, "he said. Ney's friend works for the agency and is studying Fashion
Model DF. And although states that do not maintain a
relationship with the Blaugrana striker, sat in the front row of
the parade along with the staff of the Barca Wags formed by
Antonella Rocuzzo couple of Messi, Daniella Semaan
(Cesc), Yolanda Cardona ( Valdés) and Nuria Cunillera (Xavi). We leave you with a gallery of Gabriella. Time will tell if
girlfriend Ney, this is just a fling, or is using it, the evil-
minded as they say, to get fame and work at their expense.

Federer, doublet of doublet in

Roger Federer and his wife Mirka Vavrinek have become parents again. And the funny thing is that again
have had a pair of twins, who have name Leo and Lenny. The news of the new doublet has given Federer own social networks. · "We are incredibly happy to share
that Leo and Lenny were born this afternoon. # # Miracle Twins again, "he wrote on his Twitter account
Tuesday Basel player. The Federer already had Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, born on July 23, 2009, which the family has
become large with the arrival of Leo and Lenny. The day of the birth of the new set of twins, Roger had
communicated its low of Madrid Masters 1000 tournament, whi

James Blake House Fire -- Bullet Wounds on All 4 Bodies ... Officials Say

All 4 bodies discovered inside a Florida mansion owned by former tennis great James Blake contained bullet wounds ... and a gun was found at the scene ... this according to law enforcement officials. 

Detectives are not yet calling it a murder-suicide ... but it sure seems that way -- with new evidence showing the killer was most likely the father of the family of 4 that had been living in the Tampa home. 

Officials say the gun recovered at the house belonged to Darrin Campbell -- and now video has surfaced showing Darrin buying large amounts of fireworks last Sunday. 

Darrin had reportedly been out of work for the past year. 

Officials say they are not pursuing any suspects in the case.

Antonella Rocuzzo, the first lady of football

Argentina appears Friday in the latest edition of the magazine Hello! Antonella Rocuzzo with Thiago and his son on the cover. "The 'angel' of Messi, call and stress that the Barcelona striker partner" shines as first lady of football with a particular style. "
The magazine emphasizes its low profile, away from the spectacle of other Wags Soccer World. It also highlights the good relationship with the other partners of the Barcelona team players, especially his intimate Daniella Semaan, mate Cesc Fabregas.

Tevez's ex and sex

For model Claudia Ciardone Argentina has been linked with various players like Higuáin, Mouche and Tevez, although surely his most talked regarding one of them was with the current Juventus striker.
Well, the blonde and takes a while without a partner and just confessed having trouble raising a serious relationship because men today "are vague because they have it easy."
Claudia said she was tired of "you get up in Whatsapp" and are not romantic. "The conquest was lost and is one of the nicest things. How easy is no fun. Although it will be a new generation of women like that, "said the magazine Paparazzi.
The former Tevez's not mince words when talking about their intimate relationships. "Women do not need sex organically and is not something to be thinking all the time. I spent two months without sex and I can be more. I get upset or not I get mad. In fact today if I'm not in a relationship, I prefer not to. "
About the guy looking to maintain said that "it is not lie mate" relationship. The rest does not matter much. "Then I do not care if it's ugly. In fact, all my boyfriends were unattractive, so ... "