Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mayweather shock by flaunting wealth - and other stars who flashed their cash

Mayweather's cash-counting girls

Mayweather, holding a case of 18 watches, posted on Instagram: "@thatjessilee and @badmedina are playing a game, to see who can count to a $100,000 the fastest. This is what they do when they get bored. #TheMoneyTeam #FollowBeautifulLadies."

Frank Rijkaard (51) for fourth time father

Frank Rijkaard has become a father for the fourth time. The 51-year-old unemployed football coach and his wife Stefanie have a son by: Ceejay. Mother and son are doing well and Frank can be found in the kitchen where he rubs biscuit with mice, knows Weekend. These days often

In 2009, Stefanie, gave birth to the former nanny of Frank and his ex-Monique, even though a boy, Santi. Santi has Ceejay so with a little brother.Frank had been a son with Monique (Mitchell) and a daughter (Lindsay) from his first marriage to childhood sweetheart Carmen. 

Since Frank was fired as coach of Saudi Arabia in early 2013, he put an end to his coaching career, and he's unemployed at home. Although his name is now abuzz again with Ajax, it seems that Frank has turned the world of football forever. Back According weekend he'd rather kick about with his children.

Naked women as an incentive for players FC Den Bosch

FC Den Bosch takes it tonight in the play-offs for promotion to the Premier League at home against Excelsior. Maarten de Gruyter, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Bossche club is not in there because he is abroad, but in order to excite the players, he gave the players a day before the game book of the Dutch photographer RenĂ© de Haan, artistic pictures of naked women.

In an accompanying letter De Gruyter wished the players success. 

See HERE which women players were seeing.

NBA Star Brandon Jennings TOOK MY VIRGINITY ... Says Singer, Teyana Taylor

You always remember your first ... especially when he's a super famous NBA player -- so says singer Teyana Taylor who just revealed that Brandon Jennings recently swiped her V-card.

Taylor -- who's signed to Kanye West's record label -- appeared on the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 this morning and talked about her fizzled relationship with the Detroit Pistons player. 

During the interview, Taylor revealed all sorts of intimate details -- including the fact she made Jennings wait two years AFTER they were engaged before she gave up the "goodies."

Taylor -- who's 23 -- also says she hasn't slept with anyone other than Jennings ... but says, "When I'm ready to have my second ... I'm gonna do that."

Jennings is now dating one of Taylor's ex-friends -- but Teyana says she's not bitter at Brandon. In fact, she says she wishes him nothing but happiness.  As for BJ's new chick, Taylor says she feels betrayed. 

One other thing -- Taylor also shot down rumors she's dating Colin Kaepernick ... but did say, "That's my homie though."

James Blake House Fire -- 3 Dead Bodies Found Inside Tennis Player's Burning Home

11:16 AM PT -- Officials say a 4th body has been located inside the house. They also confirm fireworks were discovered inside the home. 

Officials also confirm Blake was not in the home at the time of the fire. 
spoke with Blake's next door neighbor who tells us ... he heard several large booms early this morning and went outside to check it out. 

The neighbor says he saw an "instant fireball inferno" that seemed to be coming from the garage of Blake's house.  

The neighbor says he heard several explosions that continued throughout the morning. 

As for Blake, the neighbor says he hasn't lived in the home in at least a year. The new occupants had been living in the house for a little more than a year. 

The neighbor says the renters were quiet people who kept to themselves. 
Three dead bodies were discovered inside a Florida mansion owned by tennis superstar James Blake ... after firefighters were called to the home to respond to a massive fire.

The fire broke out early Wednesday morning -- and when firefighters raced inside of the home to look for anyone in the home, they discovered at least 3 dead bodies. 

According to one report, firefighters saw fireworks strapped to the head of one of the bodies. 

Blake -- who retired from tennis last year -- was not at home at the time of the fire. 

Neighbors say Blake hasn't lived in the home in a while and had been renting it out. 

Cops are currently investigating to find out what the hell happened. 

Officials tell Lebarante Sports the house is still on fire -- and it's so dangerous, investigators won't be able to collect the bodies or any sort of evidence until tomorrow.