Saturday, 19 April 2014

Gerard Piqué finishes with a split lip after a fight

Gerard Piqué finishes with a split lip after a fight. Source:
After breaking in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League in the match against Atletico Madrid, Gerard Piqué had to stay for a month for the injury that occurred in the hip. Precisely, it was obvious that was not going to be present on the field in the final of the Copa del Rey, so decided to spend a day before a family journey that would end badly for their interests.
And, as announced some media, the player had a mishap with paparazzi. In fact, there are sites that say Gerard Pique quarreled with a photographer who apparently broke his lip. The reason for the dispute was the persecution of the paparazzi, who chased the Barca defender and his family (Shakira and Milan) while they spent big in a water park in Barcelona.
Gerard Pique himself, aware of the presence of the photographer decided to remonstrate left alone but a few minutes later got into a fight in which both had received bruises. It is even said that a tourist recorded the contest, but so far have not been filtered images. However, it seems that none of the complaints involved has decided to not to mediate the controversial clash ...

Serena Williams: "I'm proud of my tits"


While Kate Upton just recognize that there are times when I wish I had smaller breasts, this is not happening to Serena Williams. The tennis world number one said he was very "proud of my curves and my tits", told Fitness magazine, for which she posed in a swimsuit.
However, Serena admits it was not always so. "When I was young I just thought about being a athlete, muscular and tall, not the typical female form. Back then people my age told me: I like you for your look. That motivated me and so I learned to be proud of my curves and my big boobs. It is a matter of self-esteem and be convinced that you are beautiful, "he said.

Coach under fire after remark about 'nice' linesman

VIDEO Celso Teixeira, coach of the Brazilian Juventus de Santa Catarina, located in their own country in a very difficult position after a sexist remark towards a female linesman last week.
After he was sent, in a match to the "Catarinense Championship to stand Maria Americano Labes (female linesman)" gostoso "to the head was thrown (see video below). "Gostoso means, roughly translated, something like 'good thing'.
The female line judge said afterwards that she had heard the remark, but she was too focused on her game at that time actually deeper into them. 

She added also that there is not really heavy to lift, because such comments are simply made in the heat of battle. Texeira itself claims there is nothing of all that. "This must be a joke. From the moment she walked into the field her dress, were constantly called her things from the stands. I am sure that someone her "good thing" is mentioned, but I myself was not already. " 

On her Instagram account Maria briefly went back to the facts. "Beauty should go. Unnoticed I look forward to the day when women are appreciated for their work, just like the men. "

Kiss for City coach Pellegrini

Kiss for City coach Pellegrini
Superb VIDEO images of City TV, the TV channel of top club Manchester City. Sign autographs, it should of course like in football player, but also coaches their duties.
In the above video, we see the players pass by, but the main role is played by coach Manuel Pellegrini. The Chilean state at gemakje autographs to the fans present, but there is still one that wants more than just a doodle: he takes the coach by the neck and treats him a kiss on the cheek ...