Friday, 18 April 2014

Balotelli: first encounter with his daughter Pia

Finally came the big moment. Mario Balotelli and his daughter Pia, born December 5, 2012, found first in the juvenile court of Naples.
Until there came the Milan striker, with permission from the club to agree on the conditions for the maintenance of the small, who lives with his mother, Rafaella Fico model in Casertano.
After being recognized by Balotelli after a DNA test confirmed his paternity few weeks ago, father and daughter have gone about fifty minutes together for the first time, all supervised by a psychologist made available court time.
Balotelli and Rafaella have not yet made any comments about the expected meeting.

The Octopus League Vivi hit and did not predict the Copa del Rey

The Vivi octopus, and the French porn actress Virginie Caprice, which since the last European Championship is dedicated to football forecasts, known did not this time no prediction on the final of the Copa del Rey. At least, not included on their official twitter. as he always does.
Ver imagen en Twitter
But perhaps you will have read in the opposite sections or central defender Mundo Deportivo (Madridista web) that mimic Rosa goes in our name and content. Attaching the photo you see above have reported that Vivi octopus predicted a 0-1 in favor of Barca in the final in Mestalla and therefore erred.

But it is not. Surely not contrasted as published by web and Argentina made the same mistake.And, as you can see in the tweet, the forecast is for the league match played at the Bernabeu on March 23. I lived predicted victory and hit the club, but not nailed the result, which was 3-4 and not 0-1. After several photos published, it included cover of L'Equipe, celebrating the triumph of Martino.