Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Alexis is expecting a child of her ex!

A mess of skirts has rocked the Barca dressing room hours before the dispute of the final of the Copa del Rey. As reported LOC (The Other Report) of the daily El Mundo, an ex Alexis Catalan Mary Plaza, 27, is expecting his child.
The Chilean striker could have a serious problem if the news is confirmed, because at the moment it goes with the beautiful Catalan designer Laia Grassi (whose photos you can see by clicking here). LOC contacted Mary and this gave credence to the information about your pregnancy blaugrana player.
"I'm very happy, very much. I feel bad for his girlfriend and and for her family, but Alexis already know, you know I'll pull through with the pregnancy and I'm delighted that the child is his. I do not read gossip magazines, do not even read newspapers, and I will not make statements of any kind.Also I found fatal the first three months, now I'm better. I do not care if it's a boy or girl, I just want to get well, which is healthy. And I hope that more journalists do not call me because this is part of my private life, "he said.
Mary Plaza belongs to a family of renowned Barcelona. It's granddaughter, neither more nor less, than Pere Marcet, one of the founders of the club, and sister of Alexis Plaza, who was a candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona in 2010. Alexis and Mary came out 'officially' for a few months in 2012 .
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Strong confrontation between Ojeda and Maradona: 'See you in court'

Veronica Ojeda faces once again to Diego Maradona. Marina Calabrorecounted in "Infama" messages between Dieguito Fernando's mother and "ten", after investigation that would have thrown Maradona toinvestigate the assets of the Ojeda family at the AFIP.
"I will not bother you more, stay with your daughters and all the shit around you," Ojeda fired lapidary. Words that Maradona retorted: "I'm glad we will be in court."

Thus begins the war between Veronica and Diego for holding the small child they have in common, Fernando Dieguito.