Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mauro Icardi declares war Maxi Lopez before face to face

Mauro Icardi declares war Maxi Lopez before face to face. Source:
Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara pack - Mauro Icardi again taken mess. Everything started with the statements of the Sampdoria striker, who has said that he does not like his former friend and current partner of his ex-wife hang pictures on the net with their children. "I can understand that being a public figure published photos. But I'm not comfortable when my children appear in these photos, "Maxi Lopez has confessed in an interview with Sky Sports.
However, the proper answer Mauro Icardi wanted a full-blown challenge to show absolute support to his future wife, Wanda Nara tremendous, with the Maxi himself has had several squabbles. And the Inter Milan player hung a sack in which he was seen napping next to one of the sons of the former partner. Also, also shared another picture with another suckers hours later.
And all this just before the match between them, as Sampdoria and Inter Milan come together this weekend in Serie A: "There are many reasons why this game will be particular with many emotions from the point personally, but in the end everything will be nothing more than a football match ", Maxi Lopez has said.
On the other hand, the former Barca player also spoke about his long romance with Wanda Nara. "Relationships begin and end, was a stage in my life, now I hope to start another having the mind alone. Football has always been my therapy, "something to which the blonde replied as follows:" I love legal muzzle. I can not talk to any show but he is now in the second interview talking about me, my children and my boyfriend. That's not exhibition? ". Undoubtedly, there is resentment, much bitterness between Wanda and Maxi, something that has affected Mauro rebound as evident. As the saying goes, there are two couples and three's a crowd.

Rafa Marquez and Marisol González expecting their first baby

Rafa Marquez and Marisol González expecting their first baby. Source:
A few days ago we announced that the player Rafa Marquez Lugo (repeat, not to be confused with former Barca player) and his girlfriend, the tremendous sports reporter Marisol Gonzalez had committed just months after having taken up a relationship that had left during summer.
Well, it seems that things are going very fast between the two components of the couple, as some Mexican media have announced a new exclusive. Turns out the lush Marisol Gonzalez and Chivas Guadalajara striker are expecting their first child together. In fact, the very reporter announced during a television broadcast Televisa Deportes: "With all the desire to move forward. Now I see his nephew soon, "he told his classmates.
It is therefore estimated that the first baby born to bring the world early next year. Some portals have speculated a possible wedding because of this new, but it appears that both the priority and the Rafa Marquez Marisol González is to bring the world to your child and, in the future, maybe think about marriage. Congratulations!

Gabriella Lenzi, will the new conquest of Neymar?

A few weeks ago the rumor circulating in the network. Several Brazilian media hinted that Neymar might have already found a replacement for Bruna Marquezine. The new girlfriend Blaugrana striker would be a young Brazilian model named Gabriella Lenzi 20 years.
But so far no official confirmation and even now there is not the the news on the Internet has increased and some Spanish media and have echoed it. Specifically Glamour magazine ensures that Gabriella was in Barcelona recently.
According to this information, the model posted some photos from the trip but then withdrew from the network. Glamour adds that a source close to the player confirmed the news and Neymar's friends have started to follow in social networks.
However, this news contradict the official version of DF Model agency, working for Gabriella, who denied any connection between it and ensuring that Neymar was very upset by what was speculating.
Anyway, you have to remember that Neymar and Bruna denied their relationship for a few months because time to meet and see if it got torn up, which also could be happening in this case.
Gabriella is a phenomenon on the network. It has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and is 'addicted' to the showing selfies with a statuesque figure farming also playing sports like swimming or gymnastics.

Jordan, to death with Bayern

Kiki Vidis, the muse of Bayern Munich , is not alone. The porn actress following the Bavarians since conducted a perched with his shirt now has a deluxe booster. And never better said. Jordan Carver is a glamor model that prevails in the United States and also professed a special devotion to the European champions.
And Jordan, born in Germany, boasts of its roots and is a declared fan selection Joachim Low and Bayern. As an example, say you were witnessing the anterior end in which, at that time Heynckes team, Borussia Dortmund settled. Now Jordan is going to death with Pep Guardiola and want to give a good account of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo.
The model of an Italian father and German mother, was born in Trier, a town in southwestern Germany in 1986. Therefore has 28 years, but it's been 14 his family emigrated to the United States. In Los Angeles tried his luck in the modeling world and has achieved a tremendous success as their prominent breasts.
Since 2010 has its own website with unique content. Sport lover (has posed practicing tennis, gymnastics, soccer and surfing, among others) was a prophet in his land to succeed in the Bild and yoga teacher.

Adriano or in the pub, not the training

The Brazilian club Atletico Paranaense has quickly lost patience with Adriano. The former top burner is fired again after four matches. He came last week to twice failed to show up at a training session but was spotted in a popular nightclub.
The 32-year-old Adriano wanted to regain his old form at Paranaense. He even dreamed in public about a place in the World Cup squad for Brazil.

The 51-time international struggled in recent years with a drinking problem. He failed at AS Roma and was fired from Corinthians. Adriano made his pledge last year also no where near Flamengo